Engineers Designation Change – Lost Driving License
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I have been working in Kuwait since 2013 as an engineer, then in 2016 I went to India and came back on new visa but same company as engineer again and got driving license in May 2017. My licence is valid till May 2019. But now because of the engineering degree issues my residence changed from engineer to supervisor. My license is not showing in the MoI website. I have salary more than KD 700 and a university degree too. Is it possible to renew my license and get my license back? Is it just blocked or cancelled? Please clarify on what to do next.

Name withheld

Answer: The fact that your license is not showing at the Ministry of Interior website means that you don’t have a licence anymore. Indeed the license was cancelled as result of your change of designation from engineer to supervisor. However, all is not lost since you have all the qualifications to apply for a driving licence; we therefore advise that you apply allover again for a new driving licence. As for renewal, forget about it since there is no licence to be renewed.


10 Feb, 2019 0 511
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