Domestic Violence Protection Committee To Be Formed
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Mai Al-Baghli, Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development, Minister of State for Women and Childhood Affairs, and President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, announced the formation of the National Committee for Domestic Violence Protection for a period of one year in a ministerial resolution number 4 of 2023. According to the resolution, the committee chairman and members should come from seven government agencies: the Interior Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Social Ministry, the Education Ministry, the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, as well as two representatives from civil society.

Among the committee's responsibilities are:

- Establish a family protection policy;

- Make family ties stronger;

- Domestic violence should be addressed from all angles;

- Monitor and approve executive plans;

- Review the relevant national laws;

- Provide proposals and recommendations for amending or cancelling provisions that contravene Domestic Violence Protection Law number 16/2020;

- Involve public institutions and civil society organizations in domestic violence prevention;

- Training programs should be conducted for all employees and those in charge of implementing the law;

- Create public awareness and education programs about domestic violence, including ways to expose domestic violence crimes, protect victims, and inform them of their rights;

- Provide an annual report on violence, including complaints received by departments and authorities and actions taken.

Advisory committee
There should be a deputy chairman selected as soon as possible, and meetings should be called by the chairman or his deputy. It will take decisions based on the vote of the absolute majority of attendees. It may ask for the assistance of whomever it deems appropriate among experts to carry out its tasks, but they are not allowed to vote. It will specify the annual reward for its members in coordination with the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

A proposal to form a child protection team has been submitted to the minister by the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, Dr Maryam Al-Azmi. According to sources, this is to activate Article 77 of Child Rights Law No. 21/2015, which hasn't been implemented since the council's recognition was decreed.

Children who are victims of violence are currently serviced by the Child Protection Office of the Ministry of Health, while the council monitors their cases and supervises them. According to sources, the team's duties include receiving reports about children in danger, whether they come from the child himself, his caregiver, one of his parents, or from a professional who has a connection with the child. Children exposed to any kind of harm and their parents who caused it will be rehabilitated by the team.


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