Doctors Removed 200 Grams Tumor From Woman's Brain
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A team of medical doctors at Ibn Sina Hospital performed a major specialized operation few days ago to remove a tumor weighing 200 grams from the head of a woman who was suffering from severe headache, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Director of Brain and Nervous Surgery Unit at Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization (KIMS) and head of the surgical team that performed the operation Dr Yusuf Al-Awadhi disclosed that the patient is a 35 years old and she had been suffering severe headache for the past five months.

He added the headache seriously caused her pain in the eyes, which affected her sight and daily activities. He explained the patient went through cerebral MRI test, which indicated the presence of tumor on the right side of the brain.

He stressed that sonar system was used to remove the tumor completely and another equipment to locate its position without the procedure affecting sight of the patient. He assured the patient came out of surgery safe and sound, and she is recuperating gradually. He noted the procedure was done within five hours.



06 Sep, 2016 1745
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