Curfew Just A Means To Control The Coronavirus
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Official spokesman for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, affirmed that the partial or total curfew in the country is not the solution to eradicate the new Coronavirus (Covid 19), but the means to achieve the goal of tightly controling it and reducing its spread in the country.

Al-Sanad said in the ministry’s press conference today, that aside from the partial ban, the community should implement the previous recommendations by the Ministry of Health, the most important of which is the necessity to stay at home. He added that allowing people to go out does not mean permitting family or social gatherings or any kind of gatherings. He pointed out that everyone must take all preventive measures seriously, whether in the supermarkets where they go for necessary shopping or any gathering done out of extreme necessity, and individuals must take precautions and preventive steps seriously.

He explained, “We are witnessing the rapid spread of infections and it is increasing by the hour.”  He stressed the need to take preventive precautions seriously.

Source - Times Kuwait

26 Mar, 2020 0 3803
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