Conditions Detailed For Joining Kuwait Army As Volunteer Soldiers – ‘Age Limit 18-50 Years, Medically Fit’
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Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali has issued Decree No. 120/2021 recently concerning professional soldiers. According to this decree, it is permissible to volunteer in the Kuwait Army with the rank of a professional soldier, provided the volunteer is between 18 and 50 years of age, and is medically fit for military service according to the medical standards prescribed for volunteering for the military, reports Al-Rai daily.

Other conditions to be met are – the height of the volunteer must not be less than 155cms. He should pass the professional/technical interview and the personal interview. He should not have been convicted of a temporary penalty or a crime involving dishonor or dishonesty unless he is rehabilitated. He has to resign from his work in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. He must be proficient in the profession required to volunteer for or have previous practical experience.

The academic certificate required for the volunteer must be in the ranks of the specified degrees in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The second article stipulates that the priority in accepting a volunteer with the rank of a professional soldier shall be in accordance with the provisions of article 29 (bis) of Law No. 32/1967 concerning the army, and its amendments.

The grades for professional soldier volunteering are determined according to the following:

First degree – He must have a high school qualification or higher, or its equivalent.

Second degree – He must have obtained the eleventh grade qualification or its equivalent.

Third degree – He must have an average ninth grade qualification or its equivalent.

Fourth degree – He must have obtained the fifth grade qualification or its equivalent.

Fifth degree – He must have the rest of the primary qualifications or can be without academic qualification.

Volunteering of Kuwaitis as professional soldiers shall be in accordance with the provisions of this decision based on the contract form No. 1 attached to ministerial Resolution No. 48/1988. The volunteering of non- Kuwaitis as professional soldiers shall be according to contract form No. 3 for professional soldiers.

The administration and manpower panel is responsible for the registration and admission procedures. The recruitment of professional soldiers will be accepted by order of the Chief of General Staff of the Army, whoever delegates him, and with whom volunteer contracts are concluded for a period of five years, which are renewable.

Volunteers may be promoted from the rank of professional soldier to the second national rank that he occupies after a period of three years in the same class. All the laws and regulations in force in the Kuwait Army, in respect of which there is no text in this decision, shall apply to volunteers with the rank of a professional soldier.

The Army Chief of General Staff will issue the necessary orders to implement the contents of the decision. All the competent authorities must implement this decision that is within its jurisdiction. It shall be enforced from its date of issuance, and all provisions that contradict its provisions shall be canceled.



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