Ceremony Marks Polands Constitutional Day
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The Polish Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Grzegorz Olszak commemorated his country’s Constitutional Day with a ceremony on 3 May at Marina Hotel. The function was attended by Chief Guest Assistant Minister for European Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Waleed Al-Khubaizi, with a gathering of members of the diplomatic corps, Kuwait dignitaries and media personnel.

In his statement, Al-Khubaizi noted the high-level coordination between Kuwait and Poland, especially in terms of support in the nomination bid for the non-permanent member position in the United Nation Security Council 2018/19, and also for discussions on various regional and global issues.

He pointed out the military cooperation between the two countries and highlighted the facilities that Kuwait’s Ministry of Defense provides the Polish forces that are participating in the international coalition to fight against terrorism, for which Poland has stationed around 129 soldiers and four F-16 fighter jets in the country. He went on to mention that Kuwait has sent police and military officers to Poland to participate in various training programs. This includes the Coast Guard training course for which Kuwait sent 40 officers and for aviation training, 30 officers were sent. There are more of such missions in the coming years.

For his part, the Polish Ambassador Olszak stressed that the relations between Poland and Kuwait are distinguished, deep rooted and continue to develop in every sector. He explained that the size of commercial exchange has increased by about 10 percent compared to last year, and there has been an increase in the movement of tourism to about 30 percent.

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