Camping Destroys Desert Ecology
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Kuwait Society for Environment Protection urged the need to stop harming wild nature due to the violations prevalent during the camping season which negatively affect wild plants.

Secretary General of the society Jinan Bahzad said human activities leave negative impact on the desert soil causing it to lose its coherency and contributing to strong sandstorms. She stressed the importance of committing to the regulations specified by the relevant authorities with the aim of maintaining desert life and wild plants.

Bahzad revealed that the society launched a campaign on social media concurrently with the camping season during which information is given about preserving the environment and awareness is raised about the violations.

She said the law punishes those responsible for violations that have negative impact on the soil by imposing a fine of maximum KD 5,000 max and obligating them to remove the violation at their expense



20 Nov, 2019 524
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