Assembly Approved Request Of The Public Prosecution To Lift Immunity Of MPs Safaa Al- Hashem And Waleed Al-Tabtabaie
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Assembly approves to lift immunity of MPs Safaa Al- Hashem and Waleed Al-Tabtabaie . This came after the Assembly discussed the report of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee on the prosecution’s request to lift the immunity of Al-Hashem in relation to case number 19505/2015 traffic offenses 2102/2015 registered under number 7927/2016 misdemeanor 36/2017, and Al-Tabtabaei in relation to case numbers 139/2014 and 201/2015 registered under number 404/2016 appeal 404/2017.


The Assembly also agreed to allocate one hour to discuss the issue of the Olympic Council and similar issues related to deposits, transfers and money laundering in the session slated for April 17. Speaker Marzouq Ali Al- Ghanem adjourned the session until Wednesday..



04 Apr, 2018 2713
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