Three Countries Added To The List Of Countries Prohibited From Entering Kuwait
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Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that The Council of Ministers decided to add 3 new countries to the list of countries prohibited from entering the country, namely France, Argentina and Yemen.

Singapore was also removed from the list, thus becoming 34 countries banned from entering the country, after it was 32 countries. Government sources confirmed that, due to indications of an increase in the rate of Corona injuries in those countries, they have been added to the list, and the list will be studied and reviewed continuously during the coming days.

Regarding the transition to the fifth stage, the sources confirmed that the health authorities have postponed the transfer until the health indicators of Corona are studied, and the transfer will take place after evaluation by the Higher Ministerial Committee, and there is no specific time for that. Countries prohibited from entering Kuwait.


Source: Alqabas

14 Sep, 2020 0 6185
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