700 Properties In Jleeb Lose Power Because Of MEW Violations
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According to the Ministry of Electricity and Water sources, the judicial police team's ongoing campaigns in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh resulted in the power being cut to 700 establishments for major infractions.

According to the sources, infringements on the electricity and water networks in Jleeb included direct power supply connections (theft of government property), changing the sizes of circuit breakers and fuses without notifying the ministry, which is considered an infringement on the network, as well as a connecting power supply without notifying the Ministry's plans, and direct water supply without a meter.

The ministry's campaigns in Jleeb, according to insiders, are well-organized and involve numerous government organizations, including the Municipality and a joint committee that comprises the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior.

The major goal of these efforts is to put an end to all sorts of abuse in the region's many industries. According to the sources, the Ministry of Electricity and Water's activities in Jleeb would continue indefinitely.

19 Mar, 2022 211
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