65521 Domestic Workers Left Kuwait In 3 Years And 69282 Recruited In 2019
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Official statistics issued by the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior indicate that 65,521 registered domestic workers have left the household sector during the past three years after their contracts expired, at the same time the statistics show 69,282 domestics were hired since the beginning of this year, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Statistics show the total number of domestic workers registered in the Ministry of Interior has so far reached 718,000 men and women, compared to 648,000 until Dec 31, 2018 showing a rise of 9.6% in in 6 months.

Statistics also showed that domestic employment in Kuwait constitutes 34.1% of the total number of expatriates working in the country, out of about 2.1 million expatriates, which constitute 21.1% of the total number of residents in the country. On the other hand, the statistics show 2,500 were deported during the the past three years, while 21,000 left voluntarily during 2015-2017.

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