327 Passengers Depart On 6th Chartered Flight To Philippines
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327 passengers were bound to Philippines via Kuwait Airways left on the 24 July. Flight also included Filipinos from Talha Deportation and shelter of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

“I just arrived in the Philippines today, and I am very thankful to POLO OWWA for this opportunity to be able to come home with my newly born daughter. OWWA staff have been very helpful from Kuwait until here providing us with comfortable and clean accommodations. I could not ask for more. I thank all the staff of OWWA for the assistance and looking after our needs,” stated Milagros, a Filipina deportee. Paulita Lundang, coordinator of the 6th chartered flight told The Times that there were 327 passengers on board KU 1417 with 15 mothers and their babies, wards from the shelter and Talha Deportation Center. The rest are passengers who opted to return home for good. “Our chartered flights have been coordinated with the Philippine Embassy, OWWA and POLO and we are currently arranging for more flights until the situation returns to normal, this is a great opportunity for Filipinos to return home and be with their families in this difficult times,” replied Lundang.

At present few flights are being arranged and announcements have been made on social media sites for Overseas Filipino Workers to avail. 

Reports recently published that there are 40,000 Filipinos who have just experienced a no work no pay situation and although a huge number are still in current condition and are awaiting the implementation of Kuwait’s Phase 4 where food and health services will be allowed to the public. A certain percentage have resumed work but with half salary if not some are provided with food and transportation allowance only. Report also stated that many OFWs continuously lose jobs due to expirations of visas both who are currently back in their countries. Although the Philippine government has extended financial and food packs to 15% of 240,000 OFWs in Kuwait but was insufficient to fill the needs of thousands.  

“I wanted to go home instead with six months of no work and no pay but I could not even figure out where I can source out the money to pay for my ticket in fact monthly dues of rent and food are struggle to find,” said Carol, a salon and spa worker who is still waiting for the financial assistance promised by the Philippine government for the past two months



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