17-year-old Juvenile Was Arrested For Reckless Driving Without A Driving License
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A 17-year-old juvenile was arrested and referred to Juvenile Prosecution as he drove recklessly without a driving license, insulted traffic men who were on duty, resisted arrest, and threatened to attack the traffic men and take his vehicle by force.

According to security sources, traffic men were on routine patrol when they noticed a vehicle with four juvenile occupants being driven recklessly in Jahra area. They ordered the driver to pull over and asked him for his civil ID, driving license and vehicle registration book. When the driver said he had none of these documents with him, traffic men asked all four juveniles to step out of the vehicle.

They then took necessary action to seize the vehicle. This angered the juvenile driver who told traffic officers that he will take the vehicle by force. When traffic men told him to sit inside the patrol vehicle, he resisted, telling them “None of you are a man”. He then spat on them. The suspect was arrested and referred to the concerned authorities where a number of cases were filed against him; he was later referred to the Juvenile Prosecution. The vehicle was seized and referred to the seized-vehicle garage.



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