Use Of Short-term Flats For Rent Queried
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‘Furnished Apartment for daily hire’ reads an advertisement which at first site may look just ordinary, but one of the conditions make this advertisement suspicious which reads ‘No Sleeping in the apartment’, reports Al-Rai daily.

The condition is good enough to raise the curiosity and know the nature of these apartments — the reality of the advertisements and the legitimacy of what is happening behind closed doors.


During a talk with the advertiser on the availability of an apartment for daily rent in one of the areas, the advertiser said the rent to be paid on an hourly basis. He added, the apartment carries a ‘VIP’ tag and it is safe, with dim red and blue lights. The advertiser said rent of the apartment for five hours is 40 dinars and the apartment can be rented for a maximum of five hours. Moreover, the advertiser said the apartment should not be cause for concern because it is located in a private residential building where families live.

Another advertiser said the apartments are unsuitable for ‘families’ because they are designed for young men at the same time pointing out these apartments are for ‘fun parties’.

The advertiser went on to say the entire building is for rent for young people. He advertiser said the rent per day is KD 35, entry and exit to the building is easy and groceries, sheesha and restaurant food can be availed. In an attempt to rent an apartment from another building, we discovered we could not rent the apartment for three months. The answer was the apartment can be rented on daily or weekly basis only since the apartment carries the tag ‘private’of.


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