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Suspicious Research Kuwait University is still struggling with the file of suspicious research – which has been open since 2017 – regarding the publication of research in suspicious academic journals, reports... January 06, 2022 361 Category: Kuwait
Suspicious Death Of Bangladeshi A Bangladeshi died of wounds, after three of his community members found him unconscious at the elevator of a complex. Death case was recorded, investigations are underway as it is a suspected case.&n... October 04, 2020 737 Category: Information
Suspicious Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing Accounts Kuwait, during fiscal 2018-2019, received information from 16 countries about suspicious money laundering activities and financing terrorism, including in detail data about 42 cases, reports Al-Rai da... December 24, 2019 525 Category: Kuwait
Suspicious Companies List Prepared Companies that have not yet disclosed their financial statements – audited and approved data – for the third quarter of this year have only three working days before they face suspension f... November 13, 2019 367 Category: Kuwait
Suspicious Bag Found? Hawally security men were alerted after a bag was found inside a commercial complex in Salmiya yesterday, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said police and explosives experts rushed to the s... November 12, 2019 425 Category: Crime News
MOI Investigating The Involvement Of 5 Kuwait Companies In Suspicious Money Laundering Activities The relevant departments of the Ministry of Interior and the US Contract Investigation Department are investigating the involvement of five local companies in suspicious money laundering activities th... October 07, 2019 589 Category: Crime News
Be Cautious Of Suspicious Media Machines Promoting Rumors MP Khalil Abul has warned of the ‘suspicious media machines’, which use mock accounts on the social media to promote rumors in an orderly manner and did not rule out the possibility of &ls... August 20, 2019 293 Category: Kuwait
Arrests Made In Raid On Suspicious Campsite A team from the Kuwait Municipality stormed a camp on the outskirts of Ahmadi and seized a variety of imported alcohol and equipment indicating the camp was exploited to carry out suspicious acts, rep... January 14, 2019 762 Category: Crime News
Some Suspicious Offices Still Selling Fake Certificates Although the Ministry of Higher Education has announced the existence of fake certificates, some suspicious offices still promote the sale of such certificates in the shortest time and for a cheaper p... September 24, 2018 418 Category: Kuwait
MoE To Refer Suspicious Certificates To Public Prosecution Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamid Al-Azmi revealed that Ministry of Higher Education will examine all accredited certificates, irrespective of whether they are issued newly or were i... June 11, 2018 371 Category: Kuwait
Use Of Short-term Flats For Rent Queried ‘Furnished Apartment for daily hire’ reads an advertisement which at first site may look just ordinary, but one of the conditions make this advertisement suspicious which reads ‘No S... February 05, 2018 532 Category: Crime News
Farwaniya Securitymen Arrested An Egyptian For Trading In Drugs Farwaniya securitymen arrested an Egyptian man for trading in drugs. The officers patrolling the area got suspicious when they saw the man carrying a bag because he fled from the scene upon sensing po... January 12, 2018 712 Category: Crime News
MOH Plans To Terminate The Contracts Of 15 Expat Accountants And Other Employees The Ministry of Health plans to terminate the contracts of 15 expatriate accountants and other employees for their alleged involvement in corruption and waste of public money, reports Al-Qabas daily. ... September 29, 2017 754 Category: Kuwait
12 Asian Men And Women Were Arrested Due To Involvement In Immoral Activities General Department of Public Relations and Security Media at Ministry of Interior, in a press statement, revealed that 12 Asian men and women were arrested due to their involvement in immoral activiti... September 21, 2017 4151 Category: Crime News
Repeated Violations Committed By Iranian Navy On Kuwaiti Territorial Waters Kuwait has recently filed several complaints with the United Nations regarding the repeated violations committed by the Iranian Navy on Kuwaiti territorial waters, reports Al-Anba daily. According ... August 08, 2017 445 Category: Kuwait
Security Authorities At The KIA Were Alerted About A Suspicious Bag Found In The Parking Lot Security authorities at the Kuwait International Airport were alerted about a suspicious bag found in the parking lot of the airport. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ... August 01, 2017 449 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Acquitted Professor Of Law At Kuwait Universitys Faculty The Court of Appeals upheld First Instance Court’s decision and acquitted Professor of Law at Kuwait University’s Faculty of Law Ebaid Al-Wasmi of circulating false information via his Twi... July 21, 2017 505 Category: Crime News
MP Riyadh Al- Adsani Criticized The Government For Purchasing Airplanes For KAC MP Riyadh Al- Adsani has criticized the government for purchasing airplanes for Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) only to sell and lease them to the same company — actions which he considers stra... June 15, 2017 516 Category: Kuwait
Special Squad To Protect Kuwait Airport Specially trained 30 member security team will begin work at the Kuwait International Airport early next week. The special squad personnel are well-trained to deal with suspicious people, explosive... June 05, 2017 1546 Category: Kuwait
MOE Set Up A Comite To Investigate Suspicious Question Leakage, Examination Results After announcing results of the secondary school final examinations in arts, the sciences and religious sections, Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Abdul-Latef Al-Fares has set up... June 01, 2017 530 Category: Kuwait
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