Tragic Death Of Student - MoI And MoE Blamed
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Just one day after the tragic death of student Yaqoub al-Jifini in front of his school in Omariya by an elderly Kuwaiti who is said to have surrendered himself to Kuwait, another school student was hit by a motorist but the victim had a miraculous escape, reports Al-Rai daily quoting the female student’s father.

The father said the motorist, who later turned out to be a teacher, had just dropped her daughter to school and carelessly ran over the victim. The father said his daughter suffered minor injuries and was admitted to the hospital where she was given first aid and is now at home, refuses to move out of the house because she is afraid of cars.

The father said although it is the fault of the teacher who ran over his daughter, he said will file a complaint with the police accusing the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education of negligence for not making arrangements for security and safety of the students especially the primary and kindergarten students



07 Nov, 2019 0 2020
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