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Kuwaiti Citizen Coming From Iran Broke The Domestic Quarantine And Went To Work An employee at the Audit Bureau began his work last Sunday upon his return from Iran the previous day, even though he was subject to the home quarantine. Informed sources stated that the employee, ... February 25, 2020 1026 Category: Kuwait
Cancelled Residence And Went Back To Home Country – How Long To Wait And Come Back To Kuwait My brother who worked for a private company (W.L.L) for 6 months (Article 18) has officially cancelled his agreement and went home one month ago. Now, he got a new offer in government sector (Article ... December 23, 2018 2543 Category: Legal
Murder On Busy Hyderabad Road,Cops Went To Get Batons A man was hacked to death with an axe on a busy road in Hyderabad today, in the presence of policemen who are seen in a video doing nothing to stop the crime. Two men chase the man on a street in Raje... September 27, 2018 592 Category: International
Video Clip Went Viral About A Syrian Who Allegedly Managed To Lift His Travel Ban Through Wasta The Public Relations and Security Media Department at the Interior Ministry has vehemently denied the contents of a video clip, which went viral on various social networking sites recently, about a Sy... July 14, 2017 519 Category: Crime News
Fake Video Clip Went Viral On The Social Media The video clip that went viral on the social media of a Kuwaiti man claiming the windscreen of his car was broken by thieves who he says attacked him on the Restaurants Street is fake, reports Al-Anba... June 02, 2017 519 Category: Crime News
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