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Expats To Get Vaccinated After Kuwaitis Ministry of Health revealed that the ministry will receive additional quantities of the seasonal influenza vaccine at the end of this month, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily quoting reliable sources ... November 22, 2020 1016 Category: Expats
MOH Awaiting Results Of COVID-19 Vaccine Tests Officials from the Ministry of Health have been following the latest developments in COVID-19 vaccines, the clinical trials of which are now in the final stages in more than one country, reports Al-Qa... November 19, 2020 423 Category: Coronavirus
3 Million Doses Of The Oxford Vaccine For Kuwait Ministry of Health (MoH) officials are following the latest developments of Corona vaccines, whose clinical trials are currently in the final stages. Informed MoH sources revealed to Al-Qabas that ... November 19, 2020 783 Category: Health
Pandemic Will End With A Vaccine And Public Health Measures, Says Dr. Anthony Fauci Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the US a member of the White House coronavirus task force, and also a world-renowned HIV/AIDS researcher, sp... November 19, 2020 398 Category: Information
Al-Hashem: The Corona Vaccine Is Alleged ... And Rejected Representative Safaa Al-Hashem announced her rejection of the Coronavirus vaccine, describing it as "alleged", and that the vaccination "appears optional and is mandatory inside." ... November 16, 2020 3140 Category: Coronavirus
Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Found To Be 94.5 Percent Effective Biotechnology company Moderna announced Monday that its coronavirus vaccine has found to be 94.5 percent effective in the first interim analysis of the Phase 3 study. In a statement, Moderna said this... November 16, 2020 686 Category: Coronavirus
Challenges To Be Faced By Kuwait In Storing Pfizer Anti-Corona Vaccine Opening talks about the logistical challenges Kuwait may face while importing the “Pfizer” vaccine against Corona and the need to keep the vaccine at a temperature of minus 70 degrees, res... November 15, 2020 625 Category: Coronavirus
Private Jets To Transport The Corona Vaccine Opening talks about logistical challenges, that Kuwait may face when importing the "Pfizer" vaccine against "Corona", the most prominent of which is the need to keep it at a temper... November 14, 2020 1996 Category: Automotive
Vaccine Not The Solution … Replacement Of Crude Oil Is THE announcement made last week about the discovery of a vaccine for treating COVID-19 was met with jubilation and the escalation of oil prices. There is also a jump in the oil stock share prices o... November 14, 2020 669 Category: Economics
Kuwait Students To Take Exams Online Until Vaccine Made Available The Kuwaiti health authorities have rejected a request from the Education Ministry on holding paper examinations as the country is battling to stem the coronavirus, a local newspaper reported Thursday... November 12, 2020 491 Category: Coronavirus
India Making Good Progress On COVID-19 Vaccine Development The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait HE Sibi George, Nov 11, 2020, inaugurated the Virtual Conference on Pharmaceutical Sector: India & Kuwait – Aatmanirbhar Bharat Series of events – in Ku... November 12, 2020 486 Category: India
What Is The Vaccine That Bahrain And The UAE Have Authorized For Emergency Use Against Corona? The "Sinopharma" vaccine for Coronavirus is approaching the end of its third experimental phase in Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan, in conjunction with Bahrain and the UAE announcing their license... November 04, 2020 1903 Category: Health
No Hookah Before The Vaccine Informed sources confirmed that “the decision to ban hookahs in cafes and restaurants is enforceable and irreversible soon,” stressing that “this matter is decided by refusing to ret... October 30, 2020 681 Category: Coronavirus
200K Additional Flu Vaccine Doses To Arrive By End Oct A new batch of seasonal influenza vaccine, the quantity of which is estimated at 120,000 doses, will arrive by next week, and another batch of 80,000 doses is expected a week later. This means that a ... October 26, 2020 396 Category: Health
The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Stimulates A Strong Immune Response To Prevent Corona nterim results published yesterday showed that a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine stimulated a strong immune response to prevent the emerging corona virus, in... September 26, 2020 1118 Category: Coronavirus
Airport To Be Fully Operational When COVID Vaccine Available The Executive Committee for the restarting of Commercial Flights decided to exempt the aircraft and technical crews from the 14-day home quarantine period, as per the procedures by the Ministry of Hea... September 21, 2020 2053 Category: Travel
Russia Announces Participation Of 60,000 People In Testing Corona Vaccine Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin in Russia announced that more than 60,000 people will take part in a Corona vaccine test in the Russian capital.  He said during an interview with “Russia 1&... September 20, 2020 509 Category: Coronavirus
UAE Minister Of Health Receives The First Dose Of Corona Vaccine The Minister of Health and Prevention of the UAE, Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on Saturday, in line with the ministry’s plan that was annou... September 19, 2020 1064 Category: Health
Moderna: We Aim To Supply One Billion Doses Of The Corona Vaccine In 2021 Moderna said, on Friday, that it is on its way to producing 20 million doses of its experimental coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, while maintaining its goal of preparing 500 million to one ... September 19, 2020 992 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Approves Import Of American Vaccine Against COVID-19 Following the announcement made by the US President Donald Trump about the availability of a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 within three to four weeks, Kuwait’s Central Agency for Public Tenders (C... September 17, 2020 1090 Category: Coronavirus
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