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Continuing Probe Into Soldier's Murder And Suicide There are still investigations underway into the circumstances and motivations behind the killing of a soldier by a colleague in an army camp in Mubarakiya, as well as the suicide of a person "in... July 18, 2022 159 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Had 55% Of Suicide Cases Among Indians In 7 Years Kuwait's Interior Ministry reported that 620 suicides have occurred in the last seven years, according to a Kuwaiti newspaper. According to Al Qabas, 342 suicides occurred in the Indian communi... July 07, 2022 130 Category: India
Kuwaiti Commits Suicide According to Al-Rai daily, a thirty-year-old citizen commits suicide by threw himself from the roof of a building in Khaitan. Forensics has been notified about the victim's corpse.  ... July 05, 2022 367 Category: Crime News
Expat Dies After Jumping From 9th Floor In Kuwait An expat woman in Kuwait jumped to her death from the ninth floor of a building, according to a local newspaper, amid an increase in reported suicides. A woman in her 60s threw herself from a build... May 05, 2022 829 Category: Crime News
In Syria, A Well-known Priest Takes His Own Life Inside A Church According to local media, a well-known Syrian priest killed himself inside St George's Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Latakia by shooting himself. When local police arrived on the scene, the Syria... April 07, 2022 243 Category: Crime News
A Suicide Prevention Initiative Has Been Launched Kuwait's suicide rate has been rising for the last few years. The most recent statistics show that it has risen by 50 percent since 2020. In the first 75 days of the year, 25 people committed suic... March 20, 2022 161 Category: Crime News
Central Prison 'suicide' Investigation Opened In response to the discovery of the heinous crime of Ardhiya committed by the Indian expat who murdered an entire Kuwaiti family, the Public Prosecution has begun investigations into his suicide. S... March 19, 2022 1380 Category: Crime News
Suspect In The Murder Of The Ardiya Family Commits Suicide In Prison He hanged himself in prison after being accused of murdering a family in the Al-Ardiya area. A suicide was reported to the prosecution, forensic evidence, and the forensic doctor. Indian Arrested F... March 16, 2022 3404 Category: Crime News
In Kuwait, Syrian Expat Jump To His Death In Kuwait, a Syrian expatriate reportedly jumped to his death from a six-story building, local media reported. Kuwait is reporting a rise in suicides among its residents. According to a security so... March 09, 2022 218 Category: Crime News
Two Suicide Attempts Foiled In Kuwait There has been a spike in suicides in Kuwait, reports say, and two suicide attempts were thwarted by Kuwaiti police. In Al Farwaniya governorate, Al Rai newspaper reported an Asian man threatened t... February 27, 2022 342 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Expat Commits Suicide Iraqi expat who was wanted in eleven criminal cases killed himself in Salmiya after hanging himself from a building. Security men tried to arrest him as they approached. He overtook a security officer... February 15, 2022 167 Category: Crime News
An Indian expat commits suicide The Indian expat hanged himself in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh by using a rope from a ceiling. The forensics department handled his body. Upon their arrival, security officers discovered a body hanging from the... February 14, 2022 386 Category: Crime News
Suicide By Filipino Woman Inside A Hospital The Public Prosecution Office has opened an inquiry into the death of a Filipina who committed herself in the hospital's restroom by cutting herself with medical equipment cables. When the nurs... February 12, 2022 536 Category: Kuwait
An Expat From Jordan Commits Suicide In An Elevator One of the residents of the building located in Khaitan noticed the suicide of a Jordanian expat in an elevator. An open knife was found near the body.      SOURCE  ARABTI... February 10, 2022 479 Category: Crime News
Kuwait aims to curtail the suicidal epidemic It was announced Monday that the Kuwaiti Sociologists Association has launched a campaign to curb suicide, a phenomena that has been observed gaining momentum in Kuwait, especially during the COVID-19... February 07, 2022 201 Category: Kuwait
An African maid bids suicide An African domestic worker threatened to commit suicide by throwing herself from the balcony of her sponsor's house due to a dispute with her employer, but firefighters saved her life, reports Al-... February 07, 2022 214 Category: Crime News
Woman Commits Suicide After Husband Threatens To Share Her Nude Pictures Online An Egyptian woman committed suicide after her husband threatened to share her nude pictures and sexual videos online if she did not waive her rights in money and furniture in case of a possible divorc... January 31, 2022 397 Category: Crime News
Nepali Commits Suicide By Hanging ; Youth Dies An unidentified Nepali committed suicide by hanging himself on an open ground in Fintas, reports Al-Rai daily. Without giving more details, the daily said the corpse has been referred to Forensics. A ... January 15, 2022 243 Category: Crime News
Indian Man Hangs Himself In Kuwait The 56-year-old man had suffered from financial and family problems, Al Anba newspaper quoted his friends as saying. After notified of the incident, police went to the man’s house in the gove... January 12, 2022 908 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Teen And An Indian Commits Suicide A 16 yr old Kuwaiti teen hanged himself in his family residence in Al Naim area. A relative of the citizen found the deceased hanging by the rope round his neck from the roof. The body was removed and... December 24, 2021 804 Category: Crime News
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