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Cancellation Rumors Regarding 'loans' Reports in Annahar daily indicate that the Ministry of Finance has vehemently denied rumors spread on social media platforms about the cancellation of consumer and personal loans; urging the public to... July 18, 2022 1866 Category: Crime News
Rumors Untrue Of Passengers Being Exempt From COVID Tests, Says CGC Social media rumors about certain people being excluded from having to present a COVID-19 test report upon arrival in Kuwait are “untrue,” the Center for Government Communication said on S... May 09, 2021 862 Category: Kuwait
CGC Refutes Rumors Of Cancelation Of Vaccination Decision For Travelers There is no decision to cancel the mandatory vaccination requirements for Kuwaiti travelers, and there is no truth to any claims, said the Center for Government Communication (CGC), Al-Anba daily repo... May 05, 2021 573 Category: Kuwait
MoI Denies Rumors On Flooding Of 6th Ring Road The Ministry of Interior denied a video clip circulated by some social media sites about the flooding of the Sixth Ring Road and the Jahra Industrial Area with rainwater that the country witnessed on ... November 29, 2020 335 Category: Kuwait
Rumors – A Prominent Weapon Used By Some Of Aspiring MPs – Danger To Society In every parliamentary election, some candidates use illegal weapons to hit opponents, including “rumors”, which are the most prominent tools of the “hidden campaign” of candid... November 08, 2020 473 Category: Automotive
MOH Dismisses Rumors About Attack Against A Patient Ministry of Health has confirmed that the news circulating about a patient who was attacked by three people in a hospital is baseless, as an investigation was conducted to verify the allegation, repor... November 01, 2020 444 Category: Automotive
Ministry Denies Rumors Coronavirus Test Results Were Sent To People Who Didn’t Take Such Tests Ministry of Health has denied the rumors that COVID- 19 laboratory test results were sent to people who did not take such tests. In a statement, the ministry highlighted the importance of verifying ne... September 07, 2020 483 Category: Coronavirus
KPC Denies Rumors About Cooperation On Providing Jordanians With Oil Sector Jobs Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries denied rumors spread on social media that they cooperated with the Jordanian Ministry of Labor to grant job opportunities for citizens of the Ki... July 07, 2020 828 Category: Kuwait
Rumors On Abolishing Of Sponsorship System Is False Kuwaiti Undersecretary for Social Affairs Abdulaziz Shuaib denied any truth on what was reported by some media outlets on Wednesday about a plan by Social affairs to abolish the sponsorship (Kafeel) s... May 21, 2020 625 Category: Coronavirus
UN Commends Kuwait’s Relentless Work Against Rumors UN Secretary-General Representative Tarek Al-Sheikh on Sunday commended Kuwait’s Information Ministry for relentlessly working against rumors amidst spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-10. Al... May 04, 2020 627 Category: Kuwait
Academics Stress Rumors Harm Society’s Morale And Effect State Efforts During Coronavirus Lockdown Posting and circulating rumors and fake news in the time of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak could have a detrimental impact on people’s morale and effect the state’s ability to h... March 29, 2020 666 Category: Lockdown
Army Refutes Rumors Of Using Helicopter Sprayers In COVID-19 Fight The General Staff of the Kuwaiti Army refuted the speculations, recently circulated by some social media websites, that the army was planning to use military helicopter sprayers in the combat against ... March 17, 2020 527 Category: Coronavirus
14 Websites To Prosecution Over Rumors Kuwaiti Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri said Monday the admins of 14 websites have been referred to the public prosecution for violating the e-media r... March 17, 2020 466 Category: Coronavirus
DGCA Dismisses Rumors Of Airport Closure For 2 Weeks The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has denied rumors circulating that Kuwait International Airport will be closed for two weeks starting Thursday. Gripped by coronavirus fears, and smoth... March 11, 2020 1368 Category: Coronavirus
MoH Dismisses Rumors Of Expat Escape From Hospital The Ministry of Health has dismissed rumors of an expatriate escaping from a hospital after he was allegedly diagnosed with the new coronavirus (COVID-19). In a brief statement on Sunday, the ministry... March 09, 2020 500 Category: Coronavirus
Rumors Of 4 Coronavirus Cases In Kuwait False Rumors of four cases of the new coronavirus have sparked fear in the country despite denial by Ministry of Health about the existence of these cases, and its affirmation that no case of coronavirus in... February 02, 2020 2176 Category: Coronavirus
PACI Denies Rumors On New Civil IDs The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has denied rumors that new IDs must be issued to expatriates who still have residence stickers on their passports, reports Al-Qabas daily. In respo... January 08, 2020 485 Category: Civil ID
MoI Denies Rumors About Forged Driving Licenses While the Ministry of Interior denied rumors about forged driving licenses; Al-Shahid daily found that in 2018, the General Traffic Department (GTD) uncovered many files on illegal driving licenses wh... December 02, 2019 640 Category: Driving License
PAM Denies Rumors On Transfer Of Project Visa To Private Sector Companies Kuwait Deputy Director General of Labor Affairs at Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Hassan Al- Khedr denied the reports being circulated in newspapers and social media about the transfer of residen... August 22, 2019 3981 Category: Project Visa
Be Cautious Of Suspicious Media Machines Promoting Rumors MP Khalil Abul has warned of the ‘suspicious media machines’, which use mock accounts on the social media to promote rumors in an orderly manner and did not rule out the possibility of &ls... August 20, 2019 347 Category: Kuwait
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