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Decline In Remittances Seen A decline in remittances from expatriates in Kuwait during the current year can be expected despite the opening of activities and the return of those stranded abroad, compared to the significant incre... August 02, 2021 1392 Category: Kuwait
Expats Send Home More Money In Corona Times – Many Families Leave For Good The recent statistics of the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) shows an increase in the remittances of expatriates in 2020, which reached KD5.3 billion — about 14.5 percent higher than in 2019 when r... June 16, 2021 647 Category: Expats
14.5% Increase In Remittance By Expatriates Last Year As the Corona pandemic made a sharp decline in spending in the year 2020, the statistics by Central Bank of Kuwait shows an increase in remittances made by expatriates in Kuwait during the year 2020. ... June 15, 2021 366 Category: Kuwait
Remittance Tax Back In Play The attempt to impose tax on remittances continues with the bill submitted by MP Abdullah Al- Turaiji who proposed taxing the money transfers of foreigners in any currency. The bill covers remittan... February 21, 2021 1062 Category: Expats
Imposing 1% Tax On Remittances The Legislative Committee will take up a number of issues and discuss them on Monday from these the most prominent of which is the imposition of fees on remittance outside the country, regardless of t... January 22, 2021 1178 Category: Kuwait
Title Remittance Tax is Back In Discussion MPs Osama Al-Shaheen, Hamad Al-Matar, Abdulaziz Al-Saqaabi, Shuaib Al- Muwaizri and Khalid Al-Otaibi have submitted a bill on taxing remittances. Al-Shaheen disclosed the bill aims to enhance the p... January 11, 2021 472 Category: Information
Expatriate Remittances Drop By 22 Percent Remittances by expatriates in Kuwait to their countries decreased by 21.96 percent during the second quarter of this year, compared to the first quarter, from KD1.35 to KD1.056 billion dinars, while d... December 10, 2020 490 Category: Expats
Impose fees on international money transfers of expatriates - MPs MPs Khaleel Al-Saleh, Omar Al- Tabtabaei, Faraaj Al-Arbeed, Hmoud Al-Khodair, Ahmed Al-Fadel, Salah Khourshed and Safa Al-Hashem have submitted a request to expedite discussion of the proposal to impo... May 13, 2019 1431 Category: Kuwait
Tax On Expat Remittance Put On Hold The parliament has excluded the bill on taxing expat remittances from its agenda for the current parliamentary term ending in June. This was reported by Kuwait Times newspaper. According to report, th... May 02, 2019 530 Category: Kuwait
No Constitutional Equality Protection In Singling Out Expats For Imposing Tax On Remittance The parliamentary Financial and Economics Affairs Committee on Monday discussed the proposal to impose tax on international money transfers, during which the committee reiterated there is no constitut... April 02, 2019 264 Category: Kuwait
NBK Taps Ripple For New Remittance Service National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has joined Ripple’s blockchain-based payments network seeking faster cross-border money transfers. The bank announced Thursday that it has launched a new remitta... December 29, 2018 408 Category: Kuwait
Remittance Tax, Health Cover On Expat Visit Visas On Agenda The Secretariat General of the National Assembly has distributed the agenda for Tuesday’s session, which include requests to lift the immunity of several MPs and some proposals, reports Al-Rai d... November 26, 2018 597 Category: Visit Visa
Issue Of Remittance Tax Has Led To A Tug-of-war In Parliament The issue of remittance tax has led to a state of tug-of-war currently in the parliamentary arena between supporters and opposers of this tax, with each side having their own arguments and evidences, ... April 09, 2018 2868 Category: Kuwait
Rejected The Idea On Remittance Tax When a number of economic experts were asked for their opinion about the remittance tax, most of them rejected the idea, stressing the need for enhancing the economic environment of the country and ac... April 06, 2018 1822 Category: Kuwait
5 Percent Tax On Expat Remittance - Kuwaiti MP A Kuwaiti lawmaker said expatriates should pay a tax of up to five per cent on remittances from Kuwait. He said Kuwait is dealing with financial consequences of the downfall in the price of oil a... May 03, 2016 3959 Category: Kuwait
Annual Report Of The World Bank Revealed That Kuwait Occupied 7th In Remittance Official figures issued as part of the annual report  Kuwait ranks 7th in remittance study according to World Bank Kuwait occupied third place among countries in the Gulf and came 7th global... December 28, 2015 2136 Category: Kuwait
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