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Bullet Downs ‘drifter’ In response to what was published by Al-Rai daily that a police officer working for the General Security Department had shot and killed a young ‘reckless’ motorist with a bullet to the che... September 02, 2021 286 Category: Crime News
Shooting Incident Shrouded In Mystery Reacting to what was published by Al-Rai daily that a police officer from the General Security Department shot and killed a young ‘reckless’ motorist with a bullet to the chest in Taima ne... September 01, 2021 424 Category: Crime News
10 Days Jail For Motorist The General Traffic Directorate (GTD) said the traffic court has put a motorist behind bars for 10 days with hard labor for violating a traffic law which is considered a serious offense, says Al-Seyas... June 09, 2021 475 Category: Crime News
Motorist Runs Over A 12-year Old Child Selling Roses On Street A 12-yearold bedoun child who was selling roses on Damascus Street died after being run over by a motorist, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The daily added, the victim was rushed to the Amiri Hospital but ... June 06, 2021 482 Category: Crime News
Errant Motorist Runs Over, Kills Traffic Cop, Injures Many A traffic policeman died after he was run over by an unidentified motorist while inspecting a traffic accident on the King Fahd Motorway, reports Al- Rai daily. The victim was reportedly run over by a... November 11, 2020 493 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Motorist Held For Knocking Down Compatriot Biker, Killing Him The Saad Al-Abdullah police have taken into custody an unidentified Kuwaiti for allegedly murdering a student of the Saad Al-Abdullah College for Security Sciences, reports Al- Seyassah daily. The ... October 11, 2020 537 Category: Crime News
Asian Died In An Accident On The Fourth Ring Road And Another Was Hit By Motorist An unidentified Asian died in an accident on the Fourth Ring Road and another was seriously injured when they were run over by an unidentified motorist, reports Al- Rai daily. The daily added, the vic... February 07, 2020 328 Category: Crime News
Traffic Cop Seriously Injured After Hit By Speeding Motorist A traffic police officer affiliated to the rescue patrol sector suffered various degrees of injuries when he was knocked down by a speeding motorist he ordered to stop for checking. A security sour... November 28, 2019 252 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Motorist Causing Death Of A Kuwaiti An unidentified Iraqi motorist has been arrested and detained at the Saad Al-Abdullah police station and charged with manslaughter for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing the death of a... November 27, 2019 357 Category: Crime News
Motorist Hit Car Deliberately To Attract Attention An unidentified 19-year-old girl has filed a complaint with the Salam Police Station accusing an unidentified motorist of deliberately colliding with her vehicle, reports Al- Rai daily. In her comp... October 29, 2019 291 Category: Crime News
Reckless Motorist Arrested The General Traffic Department have arrested a motorist for reckless driving on a highway and charged him with endangering his life and the life of other road users, reports Al-Anba daily. The arrest ... September 24, 2019 242 Category: Crime News
GTD Is Exerting Efforts To Arrest A Motorist Identified As “Mejo” General Traffic Department is exerting efforts to arrest a motorist identified as “Mejo” who was seen driving dangerously and committing traffic violations in a video that went viral on so... May 21, 2019 895 Category: Crime News
An Unidentified Motorist Injured In Traffic Accident An unidentified motorist who was injured when his four-wheel vehicle overturned following a road accident in Al-Salmi has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Jahra Hospital, reports Al-Anb... May 02, 2019 322 Category: Crime News
Motorist Has Been Asked To Pay The Damage To Local Bank Branch An unidentified motorist has been asked to pay the damage to local bank branch after he allegedly drove his four-wheel drive into the façade of the bank, reports Al-Anba daily. Calling the i... March 25, 2019 371 Category: Crime News
Reckless Motorist Knocks Down Asian An unidentified Asian who was hit by an unidentified reckless motorist near a traffic light in Oyoun, Jahra, has been admitted to the Jahra Hospital, reports Al-Anba daily. The motorist has been detai... December 28, 2018 356 Category: Crime News
Motorist Threatening Police Found Under Drugs Influence The Public Relations and Information Security Department of the Ministry of Interior has issued an explanatory memo on the video clip that has gone viral in the social media showing a person driving a... November 26, 2018 646 Category: Crime News
Motorist Disregards Orders, Rams Into Police Car Hurting 2, Flees In Hot Chase The Fifth Ring Road witnessed a police chase when a reckless motorist, who was driving a 4×4 vehicle, disregarded the securitymen’s order for him to stop. The security patrols initially... November 22, 2018 479 Category: Crime News
Police Hunt Motorist In Gruesome Runover Incident On Motorway Police are looking for a hit-and run motorist for running over an Egyptian while crossing a motorway, reports Al-Rai daily. It is reported that the motorist was driving at a very high speed and the vi... October 22, 2018 416 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Complaint Against Motorist A Kuwaiti woman lodged a complaint against an unknown motorist who stalked her and hit her car deliberately after which he fled from the location, reports Al-Rai daily. The woman explained to secur... September 11, 2018 319 Category: Crime News
Motorist Harass Kuwaiti Woman Police are looking for an unidentified motorist for deliberately colliding with the vehicle of a young Kuwaiti woman just because she ignored him while driving on a highway, reports Al- Rai daily. The... August 30, 2018 317 Category: Crime News
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