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Police Launched Investigating Death Of Man Found Inside Burning House Police launched investigations to determine the circumstances behind the death of a Bedoon man in Ahmadi area, Police and crime scene investigators headed to the area and found a dead man on the secon... July 08, 2017 1258 Category: Crime News
Friends Of A South African Military Man Gareth Rutherford Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In Kuwait The friends of a South African military man, Gareth Rutherford, sentenced to life imprisonment in Kuwait since 2008 after being convicted in a drug trafficking case has launched an online campaign to ... July 06, 2017 1165 Category: Crime News
Court Has Cleared A Kuwaiti Man Case Who Was Accused In Beating His Wife And Theft Of KD 200 From Her Bag The Misdemeanor Court has cleared a Kuwaiti man of alleged battering of his wife and theft of KD 200 from her bag. According to the case file, the woman accused her estranged husband of hitting a sens... July 04, 2017 622 Category: Crime News
Yemeni Man Filed A Case Against A Fake Police A Yemeni man filed a case at Nugra police station against unknown person who claimed he was a detective and robbed him of KD1000, a case was registered.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... June 30, 2017 809 Category: Crime News
Man Found Dead In Fintas Apartment  An American man was found dead inside an apartment in Fintas area, police were called to the scene in response to an emergency call from a Filipina woman about her American friend who collapsed ... June 30, 2017 1544 Category: Crime News
Newly Married Kuwaiti Woman Has Filed A Complaint Against Her Husband For Swindling Her A newly married Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing her husband of two months of swindling her. In her complaint to the police the duped wife said her husband bullied her i... June 30, 2017 760 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Man For Selling Liquor The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Cassation overturned the verdict of the First Instance and Appeals courts which sentenced a man to one year and a half in prison with hard labor for selling alc... June 09, 2017 867 Category: Crime News
Man Found Dead In Sabah Al-Ahmad Police launched investigations to determine the circumstances behind the death of a Citizen in Sabah Al-Ahmad area, Police and crime scene investigators headed to the area and found the body with bloo... May 29, 2017 552 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Man To Pay KD 58,000 To A Kuwaiti Woman As Compensation The First Instance Court obligated a man to pay KD 58,000 to a Kuwaiti woman as compensation for the harm he caused her and the benefits she deserved. The dispute started when the defendant deceived t... May 23, 2017 566 Category: Crime News
A Man And A Woman Of Sri Lankan Nationality Were Arrested From A Brothel In Khaitan Area A man and a woman of Sri Lankan nationality were arrested from a brothel in Khaitan area. According to security sources, when Farwaniya securitymen received a tipoff about a Sri Lankan expatriate who ... May 15, 2017 1223 Category: Crime News
Saudi Child And A Pakistani Man Were Killed And 10 Injured In Qatif Terror Attack A Saudi child and a Pakistani man were killed and 10 injured when armed assailants fired at company workers carrying out a development project, then at bystanders and passers-by in Qatif in the Easter... May 13, 2017 644 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen Who Was Accused Of Possessing Crystal Meth The Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possessing banned brain stimulants “crystal meth” with the intention of consuming them. According to the case files, when ... May 05, 2017 637 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Municipality Fails To Prosecute Man Who Had Been Using A Place Designed For Toilet As A Restaurant Kuwait Municipality has failed to prosecute an influential man who had been using a place designed for toilet as a restaurant from the day the license for the restaurant was issued in 2010 until the d... May 03, 2017 907 Category: Kuwait
Man Died And A Kuwaiti Woman Was Seriously Injured In Accident One man died and a Kuwaiti woman was seriously injured following a dual collision of cars in Mina Abdullah, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily without going into details said the remains of the unidentif... May 02, 2017 752 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Bedoun Man Who Was Accused In Drug Peddling The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Ibrahim Al-Abeed overturned the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which sentenced a Bedoun man to 15-year imprisonment followed by deportation a... April 25, 2017 492 Category: Crime News
Asian Man Ended His Life By Hanging Himself With A Rope An Indian man ended his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to the ceiling of his room on the farm of his Kuwaiti sponsor in Al-Rawdatain. The death was discovered when a compatrio... April 23, 2017 7752 Category: Crime News
Citizen Died When His Vehicle Toppled On Abdali Road While He Was Heading To Work An employee of Ministry of Interior a Kuwaiti citizen in his 20s died when his vehicle toppled on Abdali Road while he was heading to work. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of M... April 07, 2017 671 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Life Imprisonment To A Kuwaiti Man For Killing His Friend The Court of Appeals upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance that sentenced a Kuwaiti man who allegedly killed his friend inside an apartment in Salmiya area to life imprisonment. The case... April 07, 2017 597 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Kuwaiti Man To 3 Years Imprisonment Forcing His Girlfriend To Have Sex With Him The Court of Appeals sentenced a Kuwaiti man to three years and eight months in prison with hard labor for allegedly forcing his girlfriend to have sexual intercourse with him. He is said to have assa... April 03, 2017 1144 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Lodged A Complaint Against An Unknown Man For Molesting Son After Kidnapping Kuwaiti citizen lodged a complaint against an unknown man, accusing him of molesting his 15-year old son after kidnapping him and taking him to an open lot. According to security sources, the father t... March 30, 2017 590 Category: Crime News
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