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The Largest Iftar Table At Friday Market Had Over 11,200 People Eating More than 11,200 individuals broke their fast for Iftar in a special table set up at the Kuwait Friday market, making it the longest Iftar table in the world. The event was organized in collaboration... April 16, 2022 288 Category: Kuwait
Individuals Will No Longer Be Able To Operate Drones The Civil Aviation Directorate General has suspended providing licenses for the use of unmanned aircraft (drones). According to Al-Qabas, a local Arabic newspaper, orders were issued to limit dro... April 12, 2022 341 Category: Information
Amount Of Debts Owed By Individuals And Companies To The MPW Works Is Estimated At KD 27mln The Audit Bureau (AB) said the amount of debts owed by individuals and companies to the Ministry of Public Works is estimated at 27 million dinars, reports Al-Qabas daily. The bureau said the minis... October 09, 2019 243 Category: Kuwait
Young Man Stabbed By Two Individuals A young man was stabbed by two others during a quarrel between them on Kabad Road. According to security sources, the reason behind the quarrel was “the right of way”, due to which the two... August 23, 2019 359 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Youth Gets 3 Year Imprisonment For Killing 8 Individuals The Juvenile Misdemeanor Court sentenced a Kuwaiti youth to threeyear imprisonment for killing eight individuals and injuring one after running over them with his vehicle in Kabad area. According t... August 21, 2019 632 Category: Crime News
Number Of Individuals Arrested For Making Offensive Remarks About Allah And Prophet Muhammad A number of individuals have been arrested for making offensive remarks about Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a video that went viral on social media. In a press release issued by Ministry of Int... July 23, 2019 463 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Individuals Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle 130 Kilograms Of Betel Leaves Some unidentified individuals have been arrested for attempting to smuggle 130 kilograms of betel leaves, also known as “paan”, into the country, reports Al-Rai daily.   Accordi... April 16, 2019 309 Category: Crime News
Patent Registration Fees Reduced - MOCI Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al- Rawdan has issued a decision to reduce patent registration fees of Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Development as part of the ministr... November 20, 2018 349 Category: Business
4 Individuals Arrested For Criminal Cases Jahra securitymen arrested four individuals who are wanted by law for their involvement in criminal cases. Sources explained that securitymen were at a security checkpoint and checking the data of the... October 05, 2018 297 Category: Crime News
3 Individuals Injured In Road Accident Two vehicles collided on Fahaheel Road, resulting in injuries to three individuals. According to sources, when the Control Room of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) received information about the... September 14, 2018 505 Category: Crime News
900 Cartons Of Cigarettes Seized Four individuals were arrested at Nuwaiseeb border checkpoint for attempting to smuggle 900 cartons of cigarette packs out of the country. According to sources, Customs officers at the border checkpoi... July 27, 2018 262 Category: Crime News
Iraq Pays First War Reparations To Kuwait Since 2014 Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been dead for more than a decade but Kuwait is still receiving reparations for his 1990 invasion, with the latest tranche of $90 million approved on Friday. The pa... April 21, 2018 1291 Category: Kuwait
140 Wanted Individuals arrested During Security Campaigns Officers from the Public Security Sector arrested 140 wanted individuals during security campaigns they launched in all governorates during the weekend based on instructions from Assistant Undersecret... April 17, 2018 1648 Category: Crime News
Five Individuals Were Arrested In Oyoun Area For Driving Recklessly Five individuals were arrested in Oyoun area for driving recklessly, and their vehicles were seized. According to security sources, officers from Public Security Sector, based on instructions from Ass... April 15, 2018 394 Category: Driving License
Officers Arrested 29 Individuals Involved In Criminal And Financial Cases Officers arrested 29 individuals involved in criminal and financial cases from other governorates including a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of betrayal of trust, another for nonpayment of KD 80,000 ... April 02, 2018 390 Category: Crime News
MOI Security Campaign In Khiran The MOI security directorate launched a campaign in Khiran and chalets area that resulted in the arrest of several people, the campaign led to issuance of 415 citations, impounding of 5 vehicles and 1... March 31, 2018 483 Category: Crime News
14 Companies Of Public Sector Suffer From Shortcomings Fourteen companies of the public sector that are subject to monitoring suffer from shortcomings in the internal monitoring process that should aim at enhancing the performance of financial and adminis... March 27, 2018 988 Category: Kuwait
40 Individuals Who Are Involved In Criminal Cases Were Arrested A total of 40 individuals who are either involved in civil and criminal cases or in possession of drugs and liquor were arrested in the last 48 hours during security campaigns launched in all governor... March 25, 2018 361 Category: Crime News
Court Postponed The Session On The National Assembly Storming Case The Court of Cassation, presided over by Judge Saleh Al-Muwaished, postponed the session on the National Assembly storming case until March 11, 2018 to take a decision on the travel ban imposed on the... March 05, 2018 423 Category: Crime News
Labor Cooperation Agreements With Middle East Countries Are Being Fasttracked The labor cooperation agreements with Middle East countries are being fasttracked according to Abella to help improve working conditions and protect the rights of Filipino workers, said globalnation.i... March 01, 2018 492 Category: Kuwait
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