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Due To Pilgrim Downsizing, Hajj Rates Have Increased By 40% Kuwaiti pilgrims will have to pay up to 40 percent more this year for trips to Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic pilgrimage after the quota allotted to Kuwait was cut, a local paper reported. Al ... April 23, 2022 126 Category: Hajj And Umrah
Demand For Computer Maintenance Increases As soon as studies resumed in schools and universities, many students and teachers rushed to buy laptops for participating in the distance education process. Some took their old devices to repair shop... October 06, 2020 413 Category: Business
Budget Deficit Increases Until End Of Fiscal Year 2019/2020 To KD2.5 Billion The fiscal deficit recorded in the public budget increased from the beginning of the fiscal year 2019/2020 until the end of last November to 2.5 billion dinars, before deducting the share of the futur... December 31, 2019 284 Category: Business
Consumption Of Gasoline Increases Official data shows Kuwait’s consumption of petroleum products, especially gasoline, rises year after year despite the increase almost three years ago the prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene... May 17, 2019 349 Category: Business
Panel Increases Annual Leave To 35 Days In Private Sector The National Assembly’s health and social affairs committee yesterday agreed to increase annual leave in the private sector to 35 days from 30 currently as part of a number of amendments to the ... March 05, 2019 535 Category: Kuwait
MoSAL Increases Amount Of Money For Social Allowance From KD 120m To KD 258m Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has increased the amount of money allocated for social allowance from KD 120 million in the budget of 2012/2013 fiscal year to KD 258 million in the budget of 2017... October 30, 2018 801 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Parliament Approved A Bill To Increases Annual Leave For Private Employees Kuwait Parliament approved a bill amending some provisions of the Private Sector Labor Law Number 6/2010 to increase the annual leave for employees. The amended law states that “a worker is e... June 07, 2017 1894 Category: Information
Number Of Empty Investment Apartments Increases From 20000 To 37000 With the fast-approaching summer and holiday seasons, the number of empty investment apartments in most parts of the country has been skyrocketing. Statistics reveal that this number, since the beg... May 31, 2017 494 Category: Kuwait
Rent Increase Approach Rental Court If The Landlord Increases The Rent Before The Expiry Of Current Contract I am staying in a 1-bedroom, hall, kitchen flat and the contract will expire on June 30, 2017. Please advise what maximum rent can be increased as I am paying rent KD 180 and other people renewed thei... February 22, 2017 2369 Category: Legal
Residency Violation Fine Increases From KD 2 KD 4 Per Day The residency directorate had submitted a study to cabinet suggesting increasing the fines paid for violating residency visa validity by 100 percent from KD 2 to KD 4 per day , Hind Al-Subaih Minister... January 02, 2017 7015 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Interior Ministry Increases Bus, Taxi Fares In a surprise move, Kuwait Interior Ministry today announced increase in taxi and bus fares in Kuwait ahead of the petrol price hike. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Kha... August 31, 2016 57518 Category: Information
Divorce Rate Seen Increasing In Summer Recent statistics by the Ministry of Justice revealed a shocking divorce rate that increases during summer and falls in July when the weather reaches the peak with 56 degrees. The interpretation gi... May 18, 2016 3266 Category: General
Exemption From Electricity Increases Chances Of Manipulation Following the parliament’s decision to treat Kuwaitis living in investment buildings (apartments) equally to those living in private residence areas (houses) and exempting them from electricity ... April 25, 2016 1045 Category: Kuwait
Civil ID Fees Increases To KD 5 From Sunday Director of The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) will increase the charges collected for issuing civil ID cards from KD 2 to KD 5 and the charges for issuing a replacement from KD 10 to K... March 31, 2016 1799 Category: Civil ID
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