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Digital Transformation Employed To Solve Demographic Imbalance, Says Minister The Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel on Wednesday shed light on the efforts made to address the demographic imbalances through a digital transform... December 02, 2020 381 Category: Information
Team To Find Demographic Imbalance Pending The decision of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to form a team which will follow up licenses for supporting the work of the Supreme Committee for Studying and Dealing with Demographic Imbalance ... September 25, 2018 321 Category: Kuwait
Gvnmnt Spending On Housing And Construction To Trigger Hike In The Realty Demand Following recent recession in domestic development, government spending on housing and construction is forecast to trigger hike in the realty demand in Q1 2018. It is also predicted that hotels and... February 05, 2018 681 Category: Kuwait
Major Challenges Facing Kuwaiti Economy Particularly The Dependence On Oil By 90 Pc Vice-President of Kuwait Economic Society Abdulwahab Al-Rasheed said, “There are major challenges facing the Kuwaiti economy, particularly the dependence on oil by 90 percent”. He pointed ... January 18, 2018 791 Category: Kuwait
Over 33,000 Students Suffer From Behavioral Problems - MOE The Ministry of Education has made addressing the issue of behavioral problems of students of both genders as on one of its priorities, reports Al-Jarida daily. A study said 33,294 students (9.8 pe... January 16, 2018 653 Category: Kuwait
CSC Said The No.of Expats Working In Ministries And Gvnmnt Institutions Will Be Gradually Reduced The Civil Service Commission (CSC) said the number of expatriates working in ministries and government institutions will be gradually reduced, reports Al-Anba daily. Senior ministerial sources... November 20, 2017 1056 Category: Kuwait
MP Expressed Outright Rejection Of Opening The Door For Family Visits A number of MPs have challenged the Interior Ministry’s idea of facilitating issuance of commercial and family visit visas for expatriates, and called for strict regulations to avoid demographic... November 14, 2017 770 Category: Kuwait
15-year Cap On Expatriates In Kuwait Proposed Amid increasingly louder cries to address the demographic imbalance in Kuwait, a parliamentary committee has started looking into proposals, including a 15-year cap. A proposal from the Ministry of... November 06, 2017 1082 Category: Kuwait
KU Has Called For Excluding Expat Lecturers From Paying The New Health Fees The Staff Association of Kuwait University has called for excluding expatriate lecturers of the university from paying the new charges of medical services, reports Al-Rai daily. The association war... October 19, 2017 1065 Category: Kuwait
Only 3 Or 4 Yrs To Fix Lopsided Population Structure In The Country, Not 20 Years It takes only three or four years to fix the lopsided population structure in the country, not 20 years, says MP Safa Al-Hashem. Al-Hashem disclosed she was surprised upon hearing that the lopsided po... October 15, 2017 741 Category: Kuwait
Population Structure Is On Top Of The Agenda For This Week's Cabinet Session Remedying the lopsided population structure is on top of the agenda for this week’s Cabinet session presided over by HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak, reports Al-Anba daily quoting ... August 29, 2017 654 Category: Kuwait
MP Abdulkarim Al- Kandari Finds Decision On Restoring Balance Of The Population Structure MP Abdulkarim Al- Kandari finds decisions on restoring balance of the population structure “funny, because the ministers are the ones violating the rules daily.” He said there are qualifie... August 22, 2017 637 Category: Kuwait
Plans Afoot To Rectify Population Imbalance Addressing the imbalance in the demographics of Kuwait is a top priority for the Higher Committee for Adjustment of Demographics, which was formed by the Council of Ministers and is chaired by the Min... August 21, 2017 584 Category: Kuwait
Increase In Prices Of Goods And Services Against Expats In The Country The positive and negative implications of the recent increase in prices of goods and services against expatriates in the country, especially in healthcare services — coupled with the disparity i... April 02, 2017 3483 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Lawmaker Has Called For The Taxation Of Foreigners Kuwaiti lawmaker Safa Al Hashem, who has called for the taxation of foreigners, has said her stance was outcome of her patriotism for the country and not because of xenophobia. Kuwait’s only ... March 31, 2017 988 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Expert Warns Against Tax On Remittances A financial expert in Kuwait has urged lawmakers to avoid making economy-related statements without valid information to back them up. “Lawmakers should be cautious when they comment on financia... March 19, 2017 4465 Category: Kuwait
Residency Traders Responsible For Disorder In Population Kuwait Urban Observers held a seminar titled “The demographic disorder … consequences and solutions” for discussing ways to solve the population imbalance issue. It began with the M... March 17, 2017 817 Category: Kuwait
12 Recommendations To Solve The Problem Of Demographic Imbalance Research department at the Ministry of State for National Assembly Affairs about Kuwait’ demography made 12 recommendations to solve the problem of demographic imbalance. According to report,... March 14, 2017 556 Category: Kuwait
Financial And Economic Reform Manifesto Tops The Agenda For Deliberations The government's financial and economic reform manifesto tops the agenda for deliberations in the upcoming parliament session next Tuesday.
 Also during the session, the parliament is schedul... March 13, 2017 599 Category: Kuwait
Lawmaker Is Not Against Competent Expatriate Workers But Talking About Jobs Member of Parliament Safa Al-Hashim says the reason behind the campaign she is currently encountering over her stance on the high number of expatriates in the country is that “I have hit hard on... January 31, 2017 737 Category: Kuwait
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