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Filipino Maid Commits Suicide After Coming To Know She Was Infected With Coronavirus A 51 year old Filipino maid ended her life in Sabah Al-Nasser area after she came to know that she had been infected with the Corona virus. The sponsor of the maid stated that she slashed her wrist... October 27, 2020 744 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Assaulting Sponsor And His Wife A Filipino maid is in the dock this time for assaulting her sponsor and his wife and on interrogation, she stated that she was responding to what they had done against her. A security source told t... June 02, 2020 1383 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Commits Suicide In Sulaibiya A Filipino maid ended her life by an electric cord inside her room in Sulaibiya area, Securitymen rushed to the location after the MOI received a call from a 42-year-old female Citizen informing them ... May 07, 2020 1053 Category: Crime News
26 Year Old Filipino Maid Drowns In Pool A Filipino maid 26-year-old woman was found dead in a swimming pool of her sponsor’s house in Mishref area yesterday, investigations indicated that she was pregnant before she arrived in the cou... April 16, 2020 1419 Category: Crime News
Killers Of Filipino Maid To Face Death Attorney General Dirar Al-Asousi decided to remand a citizen and his wife accused of killing their Filipino domestic worker for 21 days in the Central Prison and refer them to the Criminal Court on ch... January 30, 2020 523 Category: Crime News
Manila Outraged Over Another Filipino Maid Killed In Kuwait The Philippine government on Tuesday strongly condemned the killing of another Filipino domestic worker in Kuwait purportedly by the employer’s wife, reports ph. In a statement, ... January 01, 2020 2739 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Employers Son Beats Filipino House Maid After Accusing Of Theft KUWAIT CITY, June 24: Filipina household service worker, Jessielyn Española whose case went viral recently on social media site Facebook is seeking justice for the severe beating that she alleg... June 24, 2019 7917 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Maid Claims She Was Raped By A Citizen Police have launched an investigation after a Filipino maid was allegedly raped by a Citizen, the woman told securitymen at Mina Abdullah police station that her sponsor's nephew raped her at a ho... March 17, 2018 1366 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Accused Of Stealing Cash, Gold Stolen During Break In A Female Citizen has filed a case with the Police Station accusing her Filipino maid of stealing KD300, In her complaint the woman said the maid escaped with the money to unknown place, Meanwhile, Pol... February 04, 2017 2209 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Arested For Killing Her Own Baby Securitymen have arrested a Filipino maid for killing her own baby who was born out of wedlock fearing legal action inside the house of her sponsor , The woman said during questioning that became preg... December 05, 2016 2468 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Threatens Employer With A Knife A 42-year-old Filipino maid became furious and threatened her sponsor with a knife , a female Citizen called Jabriya police station seeking help to rescue her as the maid pulled a knife on her , a pat... October 04, 2016 1243 Category: Crime News
Woman Jailed For Beating Filipino Maid The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a female Citizen to jail term of six months for threatened her housemaid with deportation and beating her , according to the case file the woman beat her Filipino maid ... October 02, 2016 1112 Category: Crime News
Kidnap Attempt On Filipino Maid Investigations are ongoing in search for two suspects who attempted to kidnap a Filipino maid in Fahad Al-Ahmad area but failed when the woman showed strong resistance , according to the police report... September 30, 2016 798 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Hospitalized After Falls From Second Floor A police investigation has been launched after a Filipino maid was hospitalized with injuries sustained during an escape attempt in Saad Al-Abdullah area , paramedics rushed to the location following ... September 22, 2016 1530 Category: Crime News
A Filipino Maid Falls 3 Storeys While Cleaning Home Windows A Filipino housemaid was seriously injured after falling from a third-story apartment building while cleaning the windows of her employer’s flat in Hawally area , She was taken to hospital where... July 28, 2016 1387 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Claims She Was Raped By Sponsor A Filipina domestic worker has accused her Kuwaiti sponsor of raping her several times inside his house in Rumaithiya area. According to security sources, the victim went to Rumaithiya Police Stati... June 14, 2016 1822 Category: Crime News
A Filipino Maid Found Pregnant A citizen accompanied his Filipino housemaid to file a case with officers at Al-Rawda police station accusing a Sri Lankan driver of the house of having sex with her several times inside the employer&... March 23, 2016 6793 Category: Kuwait
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