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Kuwait Set For Limited Extension Of Visit Visas  Kuwait will extend by one month some visit visas, after a grace period earlier given to visitors to leave ended earlier this week, according to a local newspaper. Al Rai, citing what it terme... December 02, 2020 1029 Category: Automotive
India Grants A Further Extension On The Renewal Of OCI Cards The Government of India has decided to grant temporary relaxation till 30th June 2021 to get the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards re-issued in the following cases: 1. In case an OCI cardholder... October 27, 2020 810 Category: Automotive
Extension Sought In Tenure Of Six Oil Sector Executives Six oil executives have been included in the anticipated retirement list to be enforced before the end of the year, although there are calls to extend the tenure for some of them – at least for ... October 07, 2020 691 Category: Economics
CAPT Refuses As Five Agencies Request Extension Of Bangladeshi Firms’ Contracts The Central Agency for Public Tenders reportedly continues its refusal to extend contracts for the companies of the “Bangladeshi MP”. Informed sources were quoted as saying the agency reje... September 17, 2020 655 Category: Crime News
Residence Expiring In Sep ‘not Covered’ In Nov – End Permit Extension The Residency Affairs Departments have received instructions from the concerned authority to strictly apply the law on all expatriates whose residence permits have expired on Sept 1, 2020, reports Al-... September 14, 2020 1589 Category: Information
MoI Urges Sponsors To Fix Residency Visas Before Extension Ends On November The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has officially announced today that it will extend expired residency and visit visas for an additional three months starting from September 1, 2020 for those currently i... August 26, 2020 1591 Category: Visit Visa
No New Intimation For Visa Extension The General Administration of Residency Affairs confirmed that the administration has not received any new instructions regarding the extension of residence and all kind of visit visas. If the Mini... August 24, 2020 1509 Category: Visit Visa
Sri Lanka Request An Extension Of Amnesty For Illegal Migrants The government of Sri Lanka has requested the government of Kuwait extend the time allowed for overstaying Sri Lankans to return until 30 May, Foreign Relations Minister Dinesh Gunawardena m... April 27, 2020 1106 Category: Coronavirus
How Can I Apply For The Extension Of Visit Visa I want to know if I can get visa extension for my son who is 1 year old and he is in the country on family visit visa. Is it possible and how can I apply for the extension. Kindly advice. Name with... January 27, 2020 717 Category: Visit Visa
Oil Price To Remain Weak Despite Extension Of Cuts For sure OPEC plus will decide to extend their production cuts of 1.2 million barrels during the upcoming meeting in Vienna. This is because the overall situation does not look positive for oil gro... June 09, 2019 321 Category: Business
Extension Of Visit Visa For Mother-In-Law I am an Indian expatriate residing in Kuwait with Electrical Engineer residence permit & civil ID, also receiving about KD 1,000 monthly salary and my wife & child are also staying with me on ... April 07, 2019 1271 Category: Visit Visa
KBA Seeks Deadline Extension On Hiring 70 Percent National Workforce In Sector The Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) has asked the Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Aqeel, to extend the date of national employment rate of an estimated 70 percent in banks to January 2... March 20, 2019 364 Category: Kuwait
KNPC Requests Extension Of Contract With Golar LNG Co Worth $46.9 Mln Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) has requested for extension of the lease contract for the floating plant to evaporate liquefied gas and pump it to the Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery and other po... January 17, 2019 597 Category: Business
EQUATE Completes Amendment And Extension Exercise On Its Facilities The EQUATE Group, a global producer of petrochemicals, announced the successful completion of an amendment and extension exercise on its $1.9 billion Term Loan and $1 billion Revolving Credit Facility... December 14, 2018 367 Category: Business
MoE Denies Extension Of School Hours Rumors The educational sector recently discussed ways for students to make up for lessons they missed due to the cancellation of classes when the country witnessed floods, reports Al-Qabas daily. Some aca... November 19, 2018 420 Category: Kuwait
Extending Of Parents Visit Visa My mother came on visit visa on Sept 6, 2018 and validity in only one month. I want to extend my mother’s visa for 1 week effective from Oct 6, 2018. Could you please advise whether 1 week exten... September 26, 2018 644 Category: Visit Visa
Clarification On Visit Visa Extension I have read in Arab Times that visit visa in Kuwait cannot be extended after one month. Could you please give a clarification in this? 1. I took visa on July 5, 2018 and my family reached here on J... August 19, 2018 1255 Category: Visit Visa
Overstaying Filipinos Reminded To Register Once Again To Leave The Country The Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait has once again appealed to overstaying Filipinos to register as soon as possible and not wait, what he called, until the last minute to benefit from the amnesty th... April 09, 2018 688 Category: Kuwait
More Than 6000 Illegal Filipinos Have 6 Days To Register For Amnesty The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait reminded that more than 6,000 overstaying Filipinos in Kuwait have only six days left to register for the amnesty program extended by Kuwait. Speaking at the embassy o... April 07, 2018 1440 Category: Kuwait
Increase Residency Fees For Expatriates Is In Final Stage Director General of Residency Affairs Department Major General Talal Marafie says the bill to increase residency fees for expatriates is in its final stage and is currently with the Fatwa and Legislat... March 23, 2018 1589 Category: Kuwait
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