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Hello sir, I have recently sent a visit visa for my wife and one-year old son. Sadly my son got TB. Now he is under six months treatment course. My doubt is if he comes to Kuwait can he bring his medicine along without problem? We don’t want him to miss a single dose within the six months. His antibiotics are RIFAMPICIN, ISONIEZID, PYRAZHEMIDE. Please advise me.

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Answer: Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the ailments of which its sufferers are denied residency in Kuwait. Your one-year-old son and by extension your wife risk being denied entry into the country if it is established at the airport that the antibiotics you mentioned are meant for the treatment of your son’s ailment (TB). We, therefore, advise that you cancel the trip, let the child go through the six-month treatment course after which we believe he will be completely healed and won’t have any problem in entering Kuwait with a new visit visa.


01 Jun, 2017 807
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