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Kuwait’s New Emir Sheikh Nawaf Brings Decades Of Ministerial Experience Kuwait’s Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah will be sworn in as the nation’s new emir on Wednesday. Sheikh Nawaf, 83, served as the crown prince since 2006 and is the brother o... October 01, 2020 5471 Category: Kuwait
Garrulity --- From Tehran To Dahieh IF Hassan Nasrallah is the best product of Iran, it is not surprising for that country to experience such a devastating economic crisis. Ayatollah pushed the citizens to this crisis due to the reckles... January 28, 2019 895 Category: article
Kuwait Democracy Fun To Listen To, Sad To Experience DEMOCRACY remains an impractical theoretical theme. The concept has undergone changes in the last 2,500 years. In principle, the change happened to this method of rule which started in Athens and s... January 20, 2019 1039 Category: article
Kuwait Examines Others’ Experience At Doha Forum Kuwait is partaking in the Doha Forum to benefit from experience of other states participating in the annual event, the country’s finance minister says. Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf, in a statement to KUN... December 16, 2018 412 Category: Business
Re-appoint Retirees, Capitalize On Their Experience And Skills Kuwaiti Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf said on Monday it is imperative for the society to revise its negative attitude towards the retirees, and to draw upon their experience and skills instea... December 11, 2018 327 Category: Kuwait
Airport, Morals And Hospital I posted a tweet, in which I told the officials of the Ministry of Health, the Kuwait Airways Corporation and Higher Education authorities whose views we respect. I firmly believe and I am convinced a... October 23, 2018 1493 Category: article
MoH To Accept Pharmacists With No Practical Experience Kuwaiti Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Bassel Al-Sabah issued on Monday three decisions, the first approving employment of pharmacists with illegal residency and children of Kuwaiti women with no practi... September 25, 2018 378 Category: Kuwait
Far Off Drums Mellow Saudi colleague Fahad Al-Ahmadi, who writes for the Al-Riyadh newspaper, had a funny experience about what he had written. The subject is related to the fact that a famous man – whether he is... September 10, 2018 1231 Category: article
Tamdeen Group On Monday Opened Al Kout Mall Tamdeen Group on Monday opened Al Kout Mall to the public as the latest addition to the Al Kout project, Kuwait’s largest waterfront retail and leisure destination. Al Kout Mall has organised... April 17, 2018 1351 Category: Kuwait
What To Do If Current Sponsor Refuses To Transfer Visa I completed my Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2007 from Stamford University, Bangladesh and have already 10 years of working experience. However, I came to Kuwait on 27/1/20... April 15, 2018 1350 Category: Legal
Letter Of Experience After Termination I was terminated and I will get the termination benefit as per Kuwaiti law. I requested my manager not to terminate me. Instead of terminating I will submit my resignation. So, I have given my resigna... January 11, 2017 6768 Category: Termination
Kuwaiti Astronomer Has Warned That Kuwait Will Experience Severe Cold Weather From Dec 19 Kuwaiti astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq has warned that Kuwait will experience severe cold weather from Dec 19. According to Al-Anba daily, Al-Marzouq indicated that the nights are going to be longer an... December 14, 2016 6493 Category: Weather in Kuwait
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