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Three Unknown Individuals Stabbed An Indian Expatriate Three unknown individuals stabbed an Indian expatriate five times and robbed him of KD 430 and INR 500 in his possession, reports Al-Anba daily. After receiving treatment at the hospital, the 34-year ... March 01, 2018 865 Category: Crime News
MP Safa Al-Hashim Proposal To Deport Expat Workers Once Their Projects Are Completed The Interior and Defense Affairs Committee at the National Assembly has approved the proposal of MP Safa Al-Hashim on obliging contractors to deport expatriate workers once their projects are complete... February 25, 2018 2837 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Expatriate Was Arrested In Possession Of 14,334 Tremadol Pills An Egyptian expatriate was arrested in possession of 14,334 Tremadol pills. According to sources, when customs officers received information about a truck arriving from Egypt with large quantities of ... February 15, 2018 855 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Expat Was Arrested In Possession Of 3978 Fake State Revenue Stamps A Bangladeshi expatriate was arrested in possession of 3,978 fake state revenue stamps worth more than KD 10,000, reports Al-Anba daily. According to security sources, police raided the suspect’... February 11, 2018 730 Category: Crime News
System Soon To Streamline Solving Workforce Issues - Experienced Workers Eyed Deputy Director General of Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Mutawtah affirmed the lack of issues that the diplomatic missions in Kuwait discussed with the authority, as they are in continuous... February 07, 2018 566 Category: Kuwait
Driver Must Pay Victim’s Heirs KD 24,500 The Court of First Instance rejected a request for the owner of a car that hit and killed an expatriate to pay KD 24,500 in compensation to heirs of a deceased man. The court thereby ruled that the pe... February 05, 2018 792 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted An Asian Domestic Worker Who Was Accused Of Attempted Rape And Stealing Money The Criminal Court acquitted an Asian domestic worker who was accused of attempted rape and stealing money from his sponsor. The Public Prosecution charged the expatriate domestic worker of attempting... February 05, 2018 510 Category: Crime News
Afghani Expatriate Arrested For Entering The Country Illegally Security operatives from Farwaniya Directorate apprehended an Afghani expatriate for entering the country illegally, says Al- Seyassah. A security source said the Afghani man aroused suspicion of the ... January 30, 2018 537 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Expat Was Arrested For Offering Domestic Workers As Home Nurses A Bangladeshi expatriate was arrested for offering domestic workers as home nurses to several Kuwaiti citizens at a monthly rate of KD 600 per month for each nurse, reports Al- Seyassah daily. In a... January 30, 2018 621 Category: Crime News
KUWAITI FM REAFFIRMS CARE FOR EXPATRIATES The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday the expatriate workers in Kuwait enjoy care and appreciation. The affairs relating to their stay and work contracts are governed by the relevant rules of... January 26, 2018 2906 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Expatriate Was Stabbed To Death By Another In Kabad Area An Egyptian expatriate was stabbed to death by another in Kabad area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about the incident, securitym... January 26, 2018 823 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Regrets Philippine President Remarks Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah regretted remarks made by the Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte regarding his nation's community in Kuwait. The Philippines suspended sending workers... January 20, 2018 11370 Category: Kuwait
Major Challenges Facing Kuwaiti Economy Particularly The Dependence On Oil By 90 Pc Vice-President of Kuwait Economic Society Abdulwahab Al-Rasheed said, “There are major challenges facing the Kuwaiti economy, particularly the dependence on oil by 90 percent”. He pointed ... January 18, 2018 917 Category: Kuwait
12,000 Citizens Are On The Public Sector Jobs Waiting List Around 12,000 citizens are on the public sector jobs waiting list; while expatriate workers are considered vital to some sections in the ministries of Health and Education, says member of the parliame... January 18, 2018 994 Category: Kuwait
Deported Asian Expat Was Arrested In Possession Of Narcotic Pills An Asian expatriate, who was earlier deported and banned from entering Kuwait, was arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area in possession of 146 narcotic pills. According to security sources, Farwaniya secu... January 18, 2018 678 Category: Crime News
Custom Officers At KIA Arrested Sri Lankan Expat For Attempting To Smuggle Drugs Into The Country Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested a Sri Lankan expatriate for attempting to smuggle drugs into the country. He had wrapped the drugs with his clothes and placed the bundle insi... January 16, 2018 667 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Arrested For Smuggling Predatory Birds And Bustards Illegally An Iraqi expatriate was arrested at Abdali border checkpoint for attempting to smuggle predatory birds and bustards illegally into the country. According to sources, Customs officers at Abdali border ... January 16, 2018 1129 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Expatriate Killed A Compatriot By Stabbing Him A Bangladeshi expatriate killed a compatriot by stabbing him on the head with a knife during a quarrel between them in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room o... January 16, 2018 1016 Category: Crime News
A 20-year-old Palestinian Stabbed A Pakistani A 20-year-old Palestinian stabbed a Pakistani several times when the latter tried to prevent him from breaking into his car in the parking lot of Friday Market. While heading to the parking lot, the P... January 02, 2018 598 Category: Crime News
Additional Budget To Cover The Expense Of Replacing Expatriate Employees With Citizens There has been an increase in the correspondences between a number of state institutions and Ministry of Finance, requesting for additional budget to cover the expense of replacing expatriate employee... December 29, 2017 839 Category: Kuwait
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