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4 Nirbhaya Convicts Executed In Tihar Jail The four men convicted of the gang rape and murder of a Delhi woman on December 16, 2012 were hanged in the darkness of pre-dawn on Friday, ending a horrific chapter in India's long history of sex... March 20, 2020 670 Category: India
MOI Officials Have Executed A Court Order To Evict KGL Company From State Owned Land The concerned Ministry of Interior officials have executed a court order to evict Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL) from State-owned land measuring one million square meters as the company ... September 27, 2019 280 Category: Kuwait
MOI In Saudi Executed Abdul Aziz Masoud Bin Radad Al Masoudi For Killing Kuwaiti Citizen The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia on Thursday executed Abdul Aziz Masoud Bin Radad Al-Masoudi for killing Ayman Bin Nasser Bi Ibrahim. It has been reported that the accused lured Ibrahim, a ... July 28, 2017 451 Category: Crime News
4 Syrians Who Were Deported From Kuwait Have Been Executed By Syrian Authorities The Secretary-General of the anti-corruption and human rights organization operating in Kuwait under the tutelage of the United Nations Commission for Human Rights Hussein Al-Shamali said four Syrians... May 10, 2017 1759 Category: Kuwait
153rd Death Sentence In 2015 Saudi Arabia on Tuesday executed a Filipino man convicted of murder, bringing to 153 the number of people put to death this year in the ultra-conservative kingdom.   Joselito Lyda S... December 30, 2015 3327 Category: International