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Kuwait Returns Five Pharaonic Artifacts To Egypt After It Failed To Smuggle Them Five pharaonic antiques collected by the customs department in Kuwait Airport in 2019 were handed over to the Republic of Egypt on Thursday. Sultan Al-Duwaish, the head of the National Council for Cul... June 19, 2022 108 Category: Kuwait
Egypt Is Ready To Import Poultry From Kuwait Dr Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, the head of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce's poultry branch, said Cairo is ready to export any number of chickens to Kuwait, especially after receiving requests from the ... May 19, 2022 126 Category: Kuwait
Hamad Al-Matar: Is It True That Egypt Charges Kuwaitis Entry Fees? "If the story of Egypt charging a $25 entrance charge for a Kuwaiti to visit Egypt is real, then I will submit parliamentary questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the grounds for... May 04, 2022 231 Category: Kuwait
In Egypt, A Thief Falls To His Death From 5th Floor After Rope Snaps An escape attempt by a thief fell through the fifth floor of an apartment in the 6th of October City neighborhood of Giza Governorate, causing his death. Local media reported that he fell to the groun... March 14, 2022 161 Category: Crime News
The Egyptian Population Crosses 103 Million; 3 Babies Born Pe Minute According to local media, Egypt witnesses three new births every minute, or 180 babies per hour on average. Today, Tuesday, Egypt's population is expected to reach 103 million, according to the... February 23, 2022 343 Category: International
Egypt Did Not Export Contaminated Dairy Products To Kuwait The Public Authority for Food and Nutrition stated after what was recently published in newspapers and media outlets about the Egyptian regulatory authorities raiding a food facility for producing con... January 02, 2022 239 Category: Kuwait
Turkey, Dubai And Egypt Are The Top Travel Destinations For Kuwaitis On New Year Holidays With the New Year just around the corner, how to spend the holidays has become a preoccupation for the vast majority of individuals and families who look for fun and joy especially the young people. ... December 22, 2021 246 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait, Egypt Industry Bodies Sign ‘cooperation Agreement’ A Kuwait based industry body has signed an agreement with its counterpart in Egypt as part of efforts to bolster scientific research and give impetus to joint projects, it said on Monday. As per the d... December 06, 2021 182 Category: Business
Man Beheads Compatriot In Front Of Passers-by, Wanders Ismailia Streets A man cut off the head of his compatriot in front of passers-by and wandered the streets, amid screams of terror in Egypt’s northern city of Ismailia on Monday, local media reported. Immediat... November 02, 2021 799 Category: Crime News
Egypt Reviewing Labor Contracts From Kuwait To Prevent Fake Contract Crisis The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower is currently reviewing labor contracts from Kuwait in a bid to prevent the recurrence of the marginal employment and fake contracts crisis, which surfaced at the heig... October 27, 2021 176 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Students Face High Costs In Egypt A number of Kuwaitis studying in Egyptian universities said they are suffering from the financial burdens saying the government’s financial support does not cover basic requirements. The Nati... October 12, 2021 287 Category: Education
Kuwaiti Students Flock To Egypt – Medical Field Demand Rises Egyptian medical faculties are currently witnessing mass number of Kuwaiti students who are hoping to obtain scholarship and enroll in the the first semester of the new academic year at a time the adm... September 13, 2021 258 Category: Kuwait
10,261 Passengers From Egypt And 7,582 From India Returned Within A Week Week after the return of direct flights between Kuwait, Egypt and India, informed sources in the General Administration of Civil Aviation confirmed to Al-Rai that the airport movement is going smoothl... September 12, 2021 2578 Category: Travel
Kuwaiti Students In Egypt Complain About Rise In Air Ticket Prices Kuwaiti students in Egypt live in a state of anxiety due to an unprecedented rise in the prices of tickets on the Cairo-Kuwait sector, despite the return of regular direct flights between the two coun... September 12, 2021 299 Category: Travel
Airlines Awaiting To Operate New Destinations In Egypt And India The operations capacity at Kuwait International Airport has not yet exceeded 50% of what it was before the pandemic crisis. The capacity of arrivals to Kuwait at present is 10,000  per day with c... September 09, 2021 1813 Category: Travel
Part-time Marriage Stirs Controversy In Egypt After It Was Okayed By Al Azhar Scholar Dr. Ahmed Karima, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al Azhar University, was trending on social media in Egypt after approving ‘part-time marriage’. Karima told an Egyptian TV t... September 04, 2021 648 Category: International
No Dates Finalized For Direct Flight With India, Egypt - Says DGCA Directorate General for Civil Aviation DGCA, on Tuesday evening, announced that no dates have been set for the opening of direct flights with India, Egypt and other countries mentioned by the cabinet.... August 24, 2021 1741 Category: Travel
MOH Employee Gets 7 Years Jail For Fraud The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict issued to imprison an employee in the Ministry of Health for seven years, confiscate forged papers, and pay a fine of KD 90,000 in salaries and financial bene... August 23, 2021 1029 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Arrested For Stealing Cables From Power Transformers The security authorities have arrested an unidentified 33-year-old Egyptian expatriate in connection with the theft of state property, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said the arrest came aft... August 21, 2021 423 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Restarts Flights With India, Egypt, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan And Sri Lanka Kuwait reallowed commercial flights with India, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka on Wednesday after the six countries were restricted in light of COVID-19 restrictions. The decision w... August 18, 2021 4315 Category: Travel
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