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Rumor-mongering On Social Media During Elections Is A Crime Rumors published through social media platforms during the elections are punishable under Kuwaiti law, according to two legal experts. Separately, they said that laws related to fighting cybercrime... September 17, 2022 185 Category: Crime News
‘Interior Ministry’ Release Crime Statistics For 2021 According to statistics obtained from the Public Security Sector of the Ministry of Interior, 19,478 people were detained in police stations, three-quarters of whom were criminals or wanted for civil ... February 17, 2022 164 Category: Crime News
Fraud Of KD 193,000 By Two Employees Absolved The High Court in Kuwait City has acquitted a government employee and a Kuwaiti civilian accused of usurping KD 193,000 and collaborating in a crime, according to the Al-Seyassah newspaper. According ... February 09, 2022 564 Category: Kuwait
Rise In Street Crime Upsets Residents A majority of the people – citizens and residents – have started feeling insecure the moment they step out of the house in light of the recent escalation of “street violence” i... November 04, 2021 739 Category: Crime News
‘GCC Must Join Forces To Battle Crime’ Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant-General Sheikh Faisal Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- Sabah stressed the importance of unifying efforts between the security sectors in the Gulf Coope... October 26, 2021 164 Category: Kuwait
Felonies Increasing In Kuwait At Alarming Rate Statistics issued by the security authorities has sounded the alarm bell in terms of the spread of felonies such as theft of money and other similar crimes. The Public Prosecution said 1,555 cases wer... September 27, 2021 256 Category: Crime News
Call To Tighten Screws On Crime The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant- General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf, during a meeting with security personnel has stressed the need to continue making efforts and developing sec... September 13, 2021 288 Category: Crime News
Infiltrators Attempt To Smuggle Drugs Ministry of Interior arrested two people with bags who were trying to infiltrate through northern borders into Kuwait by land . After searching the suspects, it was found they were trying to smuggle i... July 22, 2021 640 Category: Crime News
Security Intensified In ‘crime-prone’ Regions The security sources told Al- Seyassah daily that the Interior Ministry has intensified security presence in all areas, hamlets, chalets and stables (farms) to arrest persons wanted by law and outlaws... July 05, 2021 426 Category: Crime News
‘Crime Won’t Be Tolerated’ The Directorate-General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry as part of the efforts exerted by the Public Security Sector to contain criminal activity said police... July 04, 2021 292 Category: Crime News
Increase In Number Of Suicide Cases In Kuwait; 75 Suicide In Last 5 Month Kuwait reported an increase in the number of suicide cases in the country this year compared to the number of suicide cases reported last year. Kuwait authorities reported 75 suicide cases in Kuwait t... May 31, 2021 399 Category: Crime News
Blacklist Bank Employees Who Are Partners In Crime The Central Bank of Kuwait has given instructions to blacklist the bank employees who have been proven to collude with fraudsters, in order to prevent them from working in any financial establishments... May 09, 2021 936 Category: Crime News
Call For Urgent Action As Public Bodies Warn Violent Crime Rise The public benefit associations have warned of the increase in the rate of violent crimes in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily. They stressed the need for urgent action by the concerned authorities to ad... May 08, 2021 230 Category: Crime News
Gunfire, Car Chase, Bullet In Foot Leads To Arrest Of Kuwaiti An unidentified Kuwaiti has been admitted to the Adan Hospital under heavy guard, reports Al-Anba daily. The man is being treated for a bullet injury in the foot and after the hospital discharges him,... January 24, 2021 680 Category: Crime News
Massacre Of Kuwait Heritage A Crime Against National Security The massacre of heritage is a national security crime. Kuwait has lost 900 artifacts that tell the history of the first beginnings of the existence of the Kuwaiti human being and his ancient civilizat... November 22, 2020 511 Category: Crime News
Parental Guidance Urged As Steep Rise Seen In Juvenile Crime Head of the Child Protection Department at the Juvenile Investigation Section of the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation Lieutenant Colonel Saud Al-Amer says the total number of juvenile cri... November 14, 2020 337 Category: Crime News
Conman Arrested Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested an unidentified conman who had cheated 13 people by selling them illusionary ‘chalet’, reports Al-Rai daily. The da... October 30, 2020 974 Category: Crime News
Two Held As Drugs Found In Truck The customs officers in coordination with the General Administration of Land Border Security have seized 5 kilos and 300 grams of hashish and 3 kilos of alum (a kind of chemical drug), reports Al-Anba... October 29, 2020 367 Category: Crime News
5 Men Specialized In Thefts Arrested The security authorities of Ahmadi criminal investigation department arrested 5 men who had committed robberies across various regions in Kuwait. Based on search and investigation, necessary inform... October 09, 2020 1318 Category: Crime News
A Well-known Businessman Imprisoned For Money Laundering Al-Qabas learned that State Security Investigations arrested a well-known businessman who previously owned a car dealership, and transferred him to custody pending investigation, against the backgroun... September 25, 2020 625 Category: Crime News
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