News On Cosmetics
Discounts During White Friday Many stores in Kuwait are betting on the “Happy Friday” season to enhance and promote sales. The market witnessed the biggest wave of discounts exceeding 70 percent for certain goods and p... November 26, 2018 395 Category: Business
Sales Assistant Stole Cosmetics A Kuwaiti filed a betrayal of trust case in a police station against a female sales assistant who allegedly stole cosmetics worth KD7,000 from his shop. A security source revealed the citizen went to ... April 06, 2018 458 Category: Crime News
Women Caught Stealing Cosmetics And Clothes From Store An Egyptian woman has been charged after allegedly being caught for stealing cosmetics, clothes from H&M store as she tried to shoplift after a guard caught her hiding the stolen items through the... June 30, 2017 1389 Category: Crime News
Bedoun Woman Arrested For Stealing Perfumes In Shop An unidentified bedoun woman has been arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for stealing cosmetics perfumes and lingerie from a wellknown shop, reports Al- Anba daily. According to security ... May 02, 2017 934 Category: Crime News
Court Refused To Release On Bail A Famous Kuwaiti Actor The Criminal Court refused the request to release on bail a famous Kuwaiti actor and an Iraqi national who are accused of money laundering and peddling illegal brain stimulant known as “Chemical... March 17, 2017 700 Category: Crime News
Cosmetics Company Promoting Expired Goods The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced Wednesday it has suspended the operation of a cosmetics company accused of the fraudulent act of extending the expiry date of its products. (adsb... August 10, 2016 1364 Category: Crime News
Cash And Cosmetics Stolen In Beauty Salon A female Citizen filed a complaint with police station accusing unidentified persons of breaking into a beauty salon in Jabriya and stealing KD300 , computers , makeup and cosmetics. The woman said th... July 19, 2016 1036 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Caught Shoplifting In Jahra A Kuwaiti woman, who was caught shoplifting in Jahra has been referred to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the suspect was spotted by the CCTV camera hiding cosmetics ... June 15, 2016 1670 Category: Crime News
Police Arrested Kuwaiti For Stealing Cosmetics Worth KD 1,000 The Salmiya police have taken into custody an unidentified Kuwaiti woman who was wanted by law in connection with the theft of perfumes and cosmetics worth KD 1,000 from cooperative societies. When th... April 16, 2016 995 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Women Spend KD 989 Million Annually On Beauty, Cosmetics And Fitness Products A recent study found that 50 to 60 percent of Kuwaiti women aged between 15 and 55 spend considerable amounts of money every year on beauty, cosmetics and fitness products. The study, conducted by ... March 30, 2016 1716 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Woman Arrested For Stealing Cosmetics a Kuwaiti representative of Al-Salam Cooperative Society has informed the concerned authorities that some cosmetics were stolen from the cooperative. When the officers checked the surveillance came... December 25, 2015 2194 Category: Kuwait
50 Containers Of Fake Medicines And Cosmetics Were Shipped To Kuwait From United Kingdom  50 containers of spoiled or fake medicines and cosmetics that were shipped to Kuwait from United Kingdom, India, China and Lebanon in poor storage conditions, customs sources say, reported Al-Se... September 23, 2015 1307 Category: Kuwait