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Murder Case Adjourned To May 14th The Criminal Court adjourned to May 14 the final proceedings of the State Security case filed against a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of running over and killing a police officer and injuring others... May 01, 2017 556 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned Drug Case To May 4th 2017 The Misdemeanor Court summoned the prosecution officer in a controversial case involving an artiste and an expatriate accused of money laundering and smuggling a large quantity of drugs. Deliberation ... May 01, 2017 766 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned Fintas Group Case To May 15th Several important rulings were issued by various courts on Monday, April 24. The Court of Cassation adjourned to May 15 the issuance of its verdict on the case filed against the so-called “Finta... April 25, 2017 789 Category: Crime News
GCC Employee Filed A Case Against A Citizen For Assaulting Him A GCC employee of Jahra Traffic Department filed a case against a Kuwaiti citizen who assaulted him in Jahra area after the officer stopped him and issued a traffic citation.  According to securi... April 23, 2017 1003 Category: Crime News
Court Rejected Five Appeals To Suspend The Enforcement Of Fintas Group Case The Court of Cassation presided over by Justice Abdullah Al-Jassem rejected five appeals to suspend the enforcement of sentences issued by the Court of Appeals concerning the jailing of members of the... April 18, 2017 874 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Acquitted An Individual Who Was Accused In Rape Case The Criminal Court acquitted an individual who was accused of raping, threatening and incapacitating the plaintiff. The defense counsel Lawyer Mohammad Khaleel Al-Qattan explained that the Public Pros... April 07, 2017 850 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Egyptian Expat Who Was Accused In State Security Case The Cassation Court upheld the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals which acquitted an Egyptian expatriate against whom a State Security case was filed for allegedly offending the entity of His High... April 07, 2017 507 Category: Crime News
Citizen Filed A Case Against A Kuwaiti Student For Beating His Son A Kuwaiti citizen filed a case against a Kuwaiti student of Yousef Al-Ali Secondary School for Boys in Jahra area, accusing him of beating his son inside the school. Investigations have been launched ... April 05, 2017 592 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned Egyptian Case To April 16th The Criminal Court adjourned to April 16 the hearing of the case filed against an Egyptian DAESH member who was accused of planning to carry out terrorist acts in Kuwait and of attempted murder of two... April 03, 2017 503 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered A Couple To Pay KD 3,000 To Their Relative In Family Dispute Case The Civil Circuit of the Court of First Instance ordered a couple to pay KD 3,000 to a close female relative whom they had allegedly attacked verbally and physically during a family dispute. According... March 30, 2017 627 Category: Crime News
Citizen Filed A Case Against An Unknown Individual For Attacking His 17 Year Old Son Kuwaiti citizen and his 17-year old son went to Ardiya Police Station and filed a case against an unknown individual who attacked his son. Using the details provided by the victim, securitymen launche... March 29, 2017 589 Category: Crime News
Filipina Woman Filed A Case Against An Unknown Man For Trying To Kidnap Her Filipina woman filed a case at Salmiya Police Station against an unknown man, who tried to kidnap her by pushing her into his vehicle but she managed to escape. Investigations have been launched to fi... March 24, 2017 532 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Case Against An Unknown Individual For Abusing Her A Kuwaiti woman filed a case against an unknown individual who abused her and gestured offensively at her on Fahaheel Road. According to security sources, the woman went to Riqqa Police Station and in... March 24, 2017 551 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned The State Security Case Until July 4 2017 Ninth Circuit at the First Instance Court adjourned the State Security case 24/2012 filed by the Public Prosecution against former MPs Musallam Al-Barrak, Mubarak Al-Wa’alan Salem Al-Namlan and ... March 22, 2017 564 Category: Crime News
Court Dismissed A Lawsuit Filed Against 2 Individuals In Fake Nationality Issue The Misdemeanor Court chaired by Judge Mut’eb Al-Ardhi dismissed a lawsuit filed against two individuals (first suspect and second suspect) alleged to have forged citizenship through sale of cit... March 20, 2017 457 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Has Opened Doors To Continue Its Hearing On The Case Involving Abdul Aziz Al Shamlan Whos Accused Of Running Over The Criminal Court has opened doors to continue its hearing on the case involving Abdul-Aziz Al-Shamlan who’s accused of running over, stabbing and murdering Martyr Turki Al-Enezi and set the he... March 20, 2017 800 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Postponed The Ruling In Abdali Cell Case The Court of Appeals postponed until March 26 the ruling in “Abdali Cell” case in which 26 people are standing trial. The Public Prosecution Department had requested capital punishment aga... March 20, 2017 534 Category: Crime News
Verdict Overruled In Ministry Of Defense Employee Case Administrative Circuit at the Court of Appeals overturned the verdict of First Instance Court that rejected the application to nullify annual evaluation of a Ministry of Defense employee who was rated... March 12, 2017 652 Category: Crime News
Sheikh Nasser Has Filed A Libel Case With The Public Prosecution Against A Twitter User Bo Yabis Lawyer Emad Al-Seif, representing His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, declared that he has filed a libel case with the Public Prosecution against a Twitter user Bo Yabis. Lawyer ... February 17, 2017 687 Category: Crime News
Penal Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Man In Drugs Case The First Penal Circuit at the Court of Appeals acquitted a Kuwaiti man of possessing hashish and other illicit drugs for consumption and sale, without any legitimate authorization. The Prosecution of... February 13, 2017 669 Category: Crime News
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