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More Than 830,000 People Have Received Boosters To Date The total number of people who received the third dose of Covid vaccine in the country exceeds 830,000 citizens and residents, and it is expected to reach one million within a couple of days. About... February 17, 2022 188 Category: Kuwait
Breastfeeding Moms Can Take Booster Dose The Ministry of Health has clarified that breastfeeding women can take the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. In a Tweet MoH clarified that the taking the booster dose does not require the need ... January 16, 2022 295 Category: Kuwait
540,000 Took Booster Dose The total number of people who received the third booster dose in the country reaches about 540,000. This amount to a daily average of more than 15,000 people, sources said. Large turnout of people... January 10, 2022 303 Category: Kuwait
Above 50yrs Walk-in For COVID-19 Booster Jab No Appointment Required  The Ministry of Health reiterated that those from the age group of 50yrs and above can walk in for booster dose without prior appointment, As for the age group between 16-50 yrs prior appointmen... January 08, 2022 622 Category: Coronavirus
Recipients Of Booster Dose Doubles; Cost Of PCR Test Reduced To 9 Dinars In the face of rising Corona infection cases, the Ministry of Health continues to redouble efforts to enhance community immunity, by immunizing a big number of the third (reinforcement) dose of the an... January 01, 2022 595 Category: Coronavirus
More Than 450,000 Completed Booster Dose Despite the rainy weather, Kuwait Vaccination Center at Mishref, Jaber Bridge center and other centers across the country are witnessing a huge turnout of citizens and residents to obtain the booster ... December 30, 2021 266 Category: Coronavirus
Booster Dose Without Appointment At Jaber Bridge From Monday The Vaccination center at Sheikh Jaber bridge will start giving booster dose from today, Monday (Dec 27). The Booster dose will be given to all those who completed their second dose 6 month back. T... December 27, 2021 4598 Category: Kuwait
Health Situation Reassuring, But Booster Dose Urged Though the health situation in the country is reassuring, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is urging all eligible citizens and residents to get vaccinated with a third booster dose, provided six months ha... December 25, 2021 507 Category: Kuwait
Mobile Vaccination Units Resume With Booster Dose The mobile field vaccination campaign resumed their work at various vital sites in Kuwait. The mobile units began vaccinating workers in the mosques and cooperative societies sector with the third dos... December 19, 2021 298 Category: Kuwait
About 90,000 Were Vaccinated, Majority Of Them With Booster Dose From Last Week About 90,000 citizens and residents were vaccinated, majority of them with booster dose, from last week at the Kuwait Vaccination Center and the other centers in the country, health sources informed. ... December 17, 2021 412 Category: Kuwait
MoE Calls On Teachers To Receive Booster Dose The Ministry of Education has called on school administrations, to take the initiative to request male and female teachers to receive the third booster dose of the “Corona” vaccine to redu... December 16, 2021 224 Category: Education
Death Rate In Kuwait From Covid Complication Lowest In World; Rapid Turnout For Booster Dose Jab In response to continuous government calls for citizens and residents to take the third booster Covid-19 booster dose the Kuwait Vaccination Center at the Mishref Fairgrounds received hundreds of peop... December 07, 2021 287 Category: Coronavirus
Increase In Demand For Taking Booster Dose On the background of the emergence of the new mutant Omicron in some countries, Kuwait witnessed an increase in demand for taking the booster dose among the citizen and residents. The Kuwait Vaccin... December 07, 2021 508 Category: Kuwait
Move To Link Booster Dose To Immunity And My Kuwait Mobile ID App The Corona Emergency Committee submitted new recommendations to the Council of Ministers to speed up the booster dose among the residents. According to local Arabic media report, the recommendation... December 06, 2021 3541 Category: Kuwait
MoH Urge People To Take Booster Dose To Improve The Immunity System The official spokesperson of the Kuwaiti Health Ministry Dr. Abduallah Al-Sanad stressed, Monday, the importance of receiving the third coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine booster shot to improve the immun... November 22, 2021 597 Category: Kuwait
Citizens, Residents Asked Not To Delay Booster Dose The Council of Ministers has renewed its call to citizens and residents to receive the third booster dose of the Corona vaccine, provided at least 6 months have passed since taking the second dose. ... November 09, 2021 359 Category: Kuwait
MoH Starts Giving Booster Dose To Selected Category The Ministry of Health started sending messages with the dates for the third or booster dose of Pfizer vaccine to the targeted segment among the citizen and residents of Kuwait. According to source... October 05, 2021 690 Category: Kuwait
Booster Dose By End Of September Ministry of Health will start sending messages to the group of people who are identified to get the booster dose of vaccine by end of September, local Arabic media reported. According to reports, t... August 30, 2021 1449 Category: Coronavirus
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