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NRI Tycoon YusufAli Pays Rs 1 Cr Blood Money To Save Indian Man On Death Row A 45-year-old Indian, who was on death row in the United Arab Emirates for killing a young Sudanese boy in a road accident in 2012, can't believe that he will be a free man and can return to the c... June 03, 2021 1595 Category: International
DFA Halt To Blood Money Payout Over Villavende' S Death Filipino foreign secretary, Teodoro Locsin Jr.: The P7.5m blood money to pay off this horror is changing hands even as I tweet, we must match the P7.5m offer to her surviving kin — now The Vi... January 27, 2021 635 Category: Filipinos
Filipino Foreign Affairs Secretary Rejects Blood Money For The Death Of Filipina Maid An official source at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs has voiced Kuwait’s dismay and condemnation of the Filipino foreign affairs secretary’s remark about a case of a Filipino nati... January 26, 2020 1282 Category: Kuwait
Committee Tasked To Review Blood Money Collection Holds 2nd Meet The committee tasked to review the procedures and provisions of collecting donations for the payment of blood money and related compensation, on Sept 18, held its second meeting chaired by the Assista... September 22, 2019 262 Category: Kuwait
Cleric Calls Arab Tribe, People To Raise KD 10 Mln Blood Money To Spare Killer A call has been issued by cleric Khaled Rifai Al-Fahimah to the ‘sons of Kuwait in general and the Al-Awazem tribe in particular, to raise KD 10 million blood money to the family of media woman ... April 12, 2019 445 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered An Insurance Company To Pay KD 10,000 As Blood Money Along With KD 59,000 To A Citizen The Court of First Instance has ordered a local insurance company to pay KD 10,000 as blood money along with KD 59,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen and his family for the death of his son. Lawyer Yousef Al-De... March 13, 2018 2689 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered Kuwaiti To Pay Blood Money To The Victim's Family The Cassation Court presided over by consultant Khalid Al-Muzaini has overturned the verdict of the Court of Appeals and ordered a Kuwaiti who had mistakenly killed a compatriot to pay blood money to ... January 25, 2017 705 Category: Crime News