Public Prosecution Continues Investigations In Case Of Containers Which Are Smuggled
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The Public Prosecution reportedly continues investigations in the case of containers which were smuggled out of the Shuwaikh port in breach of security breach which has seen laxity over the past months, reports Al-Rai daily. A source close to the Prosecution investigations said the Kuwaiti suspect is a senior official at the port and has the authority to release all containers. The source pointed out according to investigations the containers that have disappeared from the Shuwaikh Port have left behind no trace of evidence and were reportedly allowed to leave the port on forged documents in the name of other containers. The source explained there were several containers belonging to the Amiri Diwan carrying equipment and furnishings for the Jaber Cultural Center and a container for a member of the ruling family which contained furniture and special belongings. The source pointed out the accused citizen used copies of the Civil ID and documents of the containers of the Amiri Diwan, and the member of the ruling family to smuggle the suspicious containers out of the port.




13 Jan, 2017 1207
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