Order ‘draconian’, ‘aimed To Kill Our Businesses’
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The Union of Delivery Services held a sit-in along the corridors of the General Traffic Department to protest against decisions that the union consider as “draconian” and “aimed to kill their businesses”.

In a letter addressed to the administration officials, the union said limiting the number of delivery vehicles to a maximum of 15 cars and 15 motorcycles would seriously harm their businesses and the delivery sector in general which practice the activity of delivering orders by relying mainly on vehicles and motorcycles as a vital aspect of the services offered.

It highlighted that most of the businesses in the delivery sector are operating as small enterprises, reports Al- Qabas daily. The union said the the third item in the circular, which awaits approval, stipulates that the delivery vehicles used should not exceed three years from the date of manufacture at the time of the licensing, and that the vehicle’s age should not exceed five years, indicating that this is contrary to a set of ministerial decisions issued in this regard.

The union demanded the number of cars and motorcycles be specified as not less than 100 cars and motorcycles, provided that it increases in parallel to the number of company branches and in line with the number of employees, in addition to setting the “shelf life” to ten years.


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