New Year Holiday Security Plan

24 December 2023 Holidays in Kuwait

The Ministry of Interior has meticulously crafted a comprehensive security blueprint aimed at upholding discipline and deterring any potential breaches of the law during the upcoming new year holidays.

This security plan entails the strategic deployment of an intensified security presence across all key locations, encompassing a range of security and preventive measures. The primary objective is to safeguard public order and security.

Approximately 310 security patrols will be strategically dispersed across the six governorates, complemented by an approximate total of 1,950 security personnel, as per official sources.

To ensure the protection of key religious institutions, fixed security patrol units will be stationed in front of eight churches. This includes two churches in the Capital Governorate, four in Hawally, and two in Al-Ahmadi governorates.

Additionally, security teams will be deployed to critical areas such as chalets, the coastal strip, and the Abdali farm area. The security measures extend to prominent commercial complexes, markets, park sites, public gardens, and other high-traffic areas, underscoring the commitment to overall safety and security.

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