New Season With Milder Weather From Next Week
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New season with cooler and milder weather will prevail across the Arabian Peninsula, as Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky, will be spotted on August 24, said Head of the Astronomy and Space Sciences Department at Kuwait Science Club Bader Al-Amirah on Thursday. 

Known across the Arabian Gulf as "Suhail Star," the people of the region await this change of season with great anticipation, as the rise of the star means improvement in weather, cooling in water, lengthening of shadow and shorter days of scorching heat, he said.

The star can be seen in the Southern half of the Arabian Peninsula, as for northern half, it will not be seen until late August, he added. Suhail derived from the Arabic name for several bright stars. The Chinese know Canopus as "the Star of the Old Man" which is the symbol of longevity and happiness in the Far East.


21 Aug, 2015 1754
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