MOH Officials Announced That Kuwait Withdraws Ranitidine, Zantac From Shelves
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The Assistant Undersecretary for Drug and Food Control Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Bader, announced that the Department of Registration and Control of Medicines and Phytosanitary Drugs has suspend and withdraw some ranitidine medications, including the innovative formulation Zantac for the treatment of acidity and reflux as a precautionary measure, based on the preliminary results of the analysis carried out in the laboratories of the Department of Registration and Control.

Medicinal and botanical medicines at the Ministry of Health and the manufacturer of the products of the voluntary withdrawal and the reports of the US Food and Drug Administration in addition to the report of the European Commission on Medicines that contain some medicines Lididine has low levels of NDMA N-nitrosodimethylamine impurity and they are likely to be carcinogenic.

Al-Bader said: “The international health authorities are currently studying and determining the permitted safe proportions of NDMA in food products and pharmaceuticals. Until the completion of these investigations and in order to ensure the health and safety of patients.” .

Patients were advised to consult their physician for the use of available alternatives and to report any side effects of pharmaceuticals through the Drug Side Effects Reporting Form through the Ministry of Health website.

Al-Bader confirmed that the Department of Registration and Control of Medicinal and Phytosanitary Medicines is continuously following up on this issue and all matters related to the safety and safety of the use of medicines in Kuwait. Any further developments or procedures will be announced.



27 Sep, 2019 955
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