Kuwait’s Divorce Rate Rises As Consequence Of Lockdown
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The divorce rates in Kuwait surpassed marriages in July for the first time. There were 818 divorces, compared to 622 marriages, which is 4 divorces for every 3 marriages, according to statistics released by the Legal Documentation Department, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The daily quoting experts pointed out that the rise in divorce rates can be attributed to marital problems caused by the lockdown in the country due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Among the many reasons were the financial problems faced by many families as jobs and business were lost, while regular arguments between couples resulted in marital discord.

With regards to marriages, the small number was due to the restrictions placed by the concerned authorities on social gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus. Many couples were reluctant to get married without their friends and families present or the traditional wedding gatherings.

The high rates of divorce and the decrease in marriage cases is a consequence of the exceptional conditions in the country caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus. The statistics showed that the Department of Sharia Documentation completed 13,947 transactions, including 205 marriage permit contracts by an authorized person outside the administration (a non- Kuwaiti party) during the period from June 30 until July 28.



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