Kuwait Public Holidays 2018
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Kuwait Public Holidays 2018


January 1st Monday - The Beginning of New Year


February 23rd Friday - Weekly Rest Day

February 24th Saturday - Weekly Rest Day

February 25th Sunday - National Day

February 26th Monday - Liberation Day


April 15th Sunday Israa Wal Ma Raj


June 14th Thursday Weekly Rest Day

June 15th Friday Eid Al Fitr

June 16th Saturday 2nd Day of Eid

June 17th Sunday 3rd Day of Eid

June 18th Monday Instead of Friday


August 19th Sunday A Vague day

August 20th Monday Waqfat Arafat

August 21st Tuesday Eid Al Adha

August 22nd Wednesday 2nd Day of Eid

August 23rd Thursday Last Day of Eid


September 11th Tuesday The Beginning of New Hijra Year

November 22nd Thursday Birth of Prophet Mohammed


Kuwait Public Holidays 2018


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