Kuwait Offers Humanitarian Aid To Mosul's People

20 November 2016 Humans of Kuwait

The State of Kuwait on Sunday continued offering urgent humanitarian aid to the people in Mosul as part of the "Kuwait by your side" campaign.

Today, aid is being offered to Iraqis in Mosul's neighborhood of Al-Samah, recently retaken from the so-called Islamic State (IS).

Director of the city's township of Bartla Ali Mohammad, expressed gratitude to the State of Kuwait for its humanitarian initiative offering relief aid to Mosul's people in the re-captured areas.

For his part, head of the municipality in Iraq's second biggest city Mohamed Kassem highlighted Kuwait's distinct humanitarian support to Mosul.

He told that they had delivered food supplies to the liberated areas in Mosul in cooperation with officials in the Nineveh Governorate.

Up to 1,000 food packages were today offered to the Mosul's people, Kassem said, adding that aid was distributed to people in Al-Samah neighborhood in cooperation with Ahebaa society for relief and development.

Ahebaa deputy chairman Mohamma Selim told that more Kuwaiti campaigns would follow.

"Kuwait has been a pioneer in offering aid to Mosul," says head of the Nineveh Council of Elders Hashim Fathi Al-Shobki.

The Mosul people have been in dire need for the aid, he said, voicing hope other countries would follow the Kuwait's model.

Many of the Iraqi people in Mosul thanked Kuwait for the aid which they badly needed, as they were suffering severe shortage of food stuff.

Kuwait has offered 170,000 food packages to the Mosul people, as the Iraqi forces began regaining control on the city's districts.




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