KD 1.5 Mln Allocated To Import Medicines For Asthma Patients
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The Ministry of Health has allocated about KD 1.5 million to import medicines for asthma patients in health centers and public hospitals, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting reliable sources. Sources confirmed the ministry is keen on providing all types of medicines for chronic, infectious and other diseases, especially during the corona crisis.

Sources warned that patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases might experience certain health conditions if they get infected with coronavirus as well. Sources stressed the need to closely monitor the health conditions of these patients, indicating these patients should not leave their homes unless it is extremely necessary.

Sources pointed out such measures will greatly contribute to the ongoing efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus, seasonal influenza, pneumonia and other illnesses. Sources added the ministry is also in the process of importing medicines for hepatitis, materials needed for the therapeutic feeding of children and elderly who have allergies, and treatment for genetic metabolic diseases at a cost of KD 473,000.

Sources said the ministry will also procure injections for rheumatoid patients in public hospitals at a cost of around KD 491,000. Sources clarified there are different causes of rheumatoid diseases such as obesity, smoking, family history and age. Sources affirmed the process of importing medicines and medical supplies did not stop during the corona crisis despite the difficulties related to shipping and supply.

Sources disclosed the ministry succeeded in securing ample supply of medicines to cover a longer period of emergency, in view of the estimated time for the virus to recede and for life to return to normal. Sources said the ministry conducts periodic follow-up in the pharmacies at public hospitals, as well as the health and specialized centers, to guarantee ample supply of medicines. Sources added the ministry replenishes medical supplies as soon as the quantity decreases or provides alternatives to ensure that the quality of health care provided to the public is not affected.



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