Hungarian Accused Of Consuming Intoxicants In A Public Place
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The Court of Appeals overturned the First Instance Court’s verdict against a Hungarian accused of consuming intoxicants in a public place, refrained from issuing any ruling and acquitted the accused.

According to the police statement, a police officer spotted the defendant who appeared to be intoxicated and in his hand was a plastic cup which contained liquid substance which appeared like alcohol.


When police approached the defendant to inquire, the defendant said he has been drinking a little, although according to the forensic medical report, the defendant’s urine sample did not contain any trace of alcohol or its main ingredients.

In his defense was Attorney Abdul-Muhsin Al-Qattan who faulted the procedure taken by the arresting officer, saying it lacked legal ground so he asked the court to acquit his client.


10 Nov, 2017 793
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