Fireman Wins Compensation
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The Court of Cassation set a precedent in compensating injured civilian employees in certain sectors, granting them the right to demand for compensation if the injury is caused by the mistake of the employing bodies. In its ruling, the court pointed out that the lawmakers did not obligate the State to compensate injured employees unless the injury is due to the error of employing bodies. This came when the court issued a ruling obligating the director of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate to pay KD20,000 compensation to a fireman who sustained injuries while extinguishing a fire that broke out in a ship which belongs to the directorate.

The court argued the fireman was injured because the ship was moving during the fire-out operation, asserting the ship was supposed to be stationary. It added the fireman was injured when he fell in the container when the direction of water coming out of the ship changed. The court stressed it is the responsibility of the directorate to take the necessary technical measures to prevent movement of the ship while the fire is being extinguished.



25 Apr, 2017 803
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