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Court Fines Airline 4,400 KD For Luggage Delay The Court of Cassation's Commercial and Partial Civil Section has ordered a commercial airline to pay a citizen KD 4,400 in compensation for a five-day delay in the arrival of his luggage at ... April 27, 2022 677 Category: Kuwait
Ex-MP Had Sex … And Forgot – Ordered To Pay Marital Compensation The Court of Appeals obligated a former MP to pay compensation worth KD 107,000 to his ex-wife for the material and moral damages she sustained after he denied their marriage and refused to authentica... January 14, 2022 1324 Category: Crime News
UNCC To Close Kuwait’s Compensation From Iraq The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) will make a resolution to permanently close the file of the financial compensations for Kuwait after Iraq settled the accounts, Kuwait Ambassador to I... December 26, 2021 321 Category: International
Kuwaiti Woman, Arrested For Imitating Other Sex, Awarded Compensation Kuwait’s top appeals court has ordered the Interior Ministry to pay KD4,000 in compensation for a Kuwaiti woman arrested allegedly for imitating the other sex. The Court of Cassation explaine... December 14, 2021 3763 Category: Crime News
Lawmakers Submit Bill To ‘compensate’ SMEs MPs Osama Al- Shaheen, Ahmed Al-Hamad, Khalid Al-Anzi, Bader Al-Mullah and Hesham Al-Saleh have submitted a bill on granting compensation to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which incurred losses ... December 08, 2021 179 Category: Kuwait
Victim’s Heirs File Case, Seek Compensation The heirs of the young man, who was killed after being hit by a manhole cover as a result of neglect and mismanagement of manhole covers, have resorted to the judiciary to seek compensation. The legal... October 19, 2021 273 Category: Crime News
Small-time Businessman Wins Compensation The Court of Appeals ordered a government company to pay $89,000 to a small business owner for advertising work. The Court of First Instance rejected the case on the grounds that the plaintiff did not... October 13, 2021 317 Category: Crime News
65 Low-income Indians Who Died Of Covid In Kuwait To Receive 1 Lakh Rupee As announced earlier by the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Shir Sibi George, the first batch of compensation of rupees 1 lakh to the kith and kin of those low-income Indians who died of Covid-19 in Kuwai... August 15, 2021 529 Category: Kuwait
1 Lakh Rupee Compensation For Low-income Indians Died Of Covid In Kuwait Indian Embassy announced that the Indian Community Support group (ICSG), set up by the Indian Embassy for providing relief to the Community during the hard time of the Covid-19 pandemic, will donate 1... July 28, 2021 714 Category: India
UN Paid Compensation Of $600 Million To Kuwait As For Iraq’s Invasion And Occupation BERLIN: A United Nations panel paid out $600 million to Kuwait’s national oil company Tuesday as compensation for Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait three decades ago. The UN Compens... July 28, 2021 703 Category: Business
Compensation For Moral Damages The Court of Appeals ruled that an investigator at the Criminal Investigation General Department should be paid KD 4,000 compensation for the moral damages he suffered when a female legal practitioner... April 27, 2021 389 Category: Crime News
Syrian Wins Compensation The Supreme Court obligated an Iranian businessman to pay KD 32,000 to a Syrian expatriate as the value of a debt declaration after his refusal to pay it amicably, says Al-Seyassah. Representing the p... March 31, 2021 394 Category: Crime News
Teacher Wins Compensation The Administrative Court of Appeals upheld the verdict to cancel the decision of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, which was issued to assess the competence of a school teacher as a &ld... December 16, 2020 489 Category: Crime News
Municipality Wins KD 25 Mln Compensation Against A Hotel In Salmiya The Court of Cassation issued a ruling to compensate Kuwait Municipality with approximately KD 25 million, which is considered one of the largest fines ordered by the local court, due to violations of... December 02, 2020 1021 Category: Crime News
Court Rejects Compensation Suit Over COVID-19 Curfew A Kuwaiti court had thrown out a lawsuit seeking KD37,000 in compensation for losses allegedly incurred as a result of a total curfew against COVID-19 imposed in the country earlier this month. A g... December 01, 2020 717 Category: Coronavirus
Car Damage Compensation For Man Revoked The Court of Appeals recently revoked a Kuwaiti citizen’s right to obtain KD 18,814, which is the value of his car that was destroyed by the 2018 rains. The court overturned the lower court&rsqu... November 18, 2020 403 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Company Obligated To Pay $3 Million Compensation To Saudi Company Kuwait judiciary obligated a Kuwaiti pharmaceutical company to pay compensation worth $3 million to a famous Saudi pharmaceutical company for supplying medicines deemed unsafe by the Saudi authorities... November 07, 2020 346 Category: Business
Employee Rights, Workers’ Compensation Will Not Be Affected While reassuring that the government is not keen to ‘hurt’ the pocket of the citizen in any way and under any circumstances, Finance Minister Barak Al-Shaitan stressed that the economic pr... July 16, 2020 803 Category: Kuwait
Court decides Israeli has no right to compensation, travel portal cleared The Munich Regional Court has ruled that the decision by the Kuwait Airways to cancel the booking of an Israeli citizen against his wish was because he was not permitted to enter Kuwait due to his nat... June 25, 2020 4303 Category: Kuwait
Sand Collapse Nepali Victims Get Full Monetary Compensation Yesterday, the Embassy of Nepal received ‘monetary compensation’ on behalf of the sand collapse victims, an incident that happened in the city of Mutla’a, in the presence of the cont... February 20, 2020 540 Category: Kuwait
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